Letter Z Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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Letter Z Worksheets For Preschool Kids

These Letter Z worksheets for young children are free to download and based on the Zebra animal. In fact today I’m going to share a few fantastic ideas for teaching the letter Z to kids and share a few fun Zebra and letter Z crafts along the way.

Teaching the letters of the alphabet can be super fun. It’s an important basic skill for young children to learn and these free letter Z printables should come in super handy to do just that. Enjoy!

letter z worksheets for preschool kids

Free Letter Z Printables

In this free set of letter Z worksheets you get the following:

  • Zebra count
  • Zebra coloring page
  • Zebra letter tracing
  • Zebra shape match

All of these activities are fun and they might make a great introduction to the letter Z and the theme of the Zebra.

Z Is for Zoo Activities

There are also plenty of alphabet books out there to read with kids and if you’re looking for letter Z books you might want to try Z is for Moose or the Dr Seuss Book Put me in the Zoo. Hey you might even want to make some put me in the zoo bark!

dr seuss bark put me in the zoo book

More Letter Z Crafts

The most popular letter Z crafts for preschool kids when I was a teacher were Zebra crafts.

I love the black and white Zebra and you can teach the letter Z, colors and art as you have fun making zebras of all kinds.

You might want to draw a zebra, paint a zebra or make one out of dress up materials.

I think a toilet tube zebra would be super fun to make with the little ones. You could paint this and glue on stripes.

You might want to make a fun Zebra puppet there is a cute Zebra puppet template and tutorial over on The Inspiration Edit blog which is super fun to make.

Download Your Letter Z Printables Here!

Letter Z worksheets

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