Letter I Worksheets for Preschool Kids

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Letter I Worksheets For Preschool Kids

I is for Igloo and today on Craft Play Learn we have some fantastic letter I worksheets that can help the little ones to become more familiar with the letter I.

Have you ever built an igloo? I did as a child. We had so much snow that my sister and I sat in the garden and used rectangular ice cream tubs to build our very own igloo. We only ever had enough snow to do this once but it was such a fun activity to do. One I’ll never forget.

These Igloo themed printable worksheets are also lots of fun and are great for helping little ones to trace, color and count.

letter I worksheets for preschool

Letter I Printables for Kids

In this free pack of printables you will get the following:

  • One Igloo coloring page
  • Color the odd number
  • Igloo trace
  • Skip count even numbers

Teaching Children About Igloos

Teaching kids about snow and igloos can be super fun. Whether you live in an area with snowy weather or not there are plenty of igloo activities and crafts you could create with the kids.

Why not try one of the following:

  • Build an igloo in the snow. – If you are lucky enough to get snow.

  • Create a snow scene with a cotton ball igloo- cutting and gluing can help develop fine motor skills and the kids can use their imaginations to create beautiful winter pictures.

  • Igloo Cut and Paste. Why not draw an igloo on a piece of paper and have the kids practice cutting and scissor skills by cutting up the snow bricks and rebuilding them with glue.
  • Build a paper mache igloo and paint it white once it’s dry. You can learn how to make paper mache over on the Red Ted Art Blog.
  • Read a book about Igloos and then have a drama or pretend play session where the kids build a pretend igloo.

Letter I Games and Activities

If you’re wanting more Letter I game ideas, you could play eye spy focussing on the letter I.

Sit in a circle at mat time and name as many animals as you can starting with the letter I.

Teach kids the Letter I phonics song.

Download Your Free Letter I Worksheets Here!

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