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Lets Go on An Adventure Sylvias Style


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Recently John and Sylvia went exploring at a local park. I was having a day in bed and so my hubby took some wonderful photos so I could still see the wonderful adventure they had been on.


Over the past few years since my diagnosis of Adrenal Insufficiency John and Sylvia have been to many places exploring and having fun. I’m pleased that I’m getting out and about more than I did however I still have this illness and will still have days where I have to stay behind. I’m learning to pace and so I have to pick and choose what I do. Still, I’m excited to share these pictures with you here on the blog.

On this occasion Sylvia wore her Yumi Poppy Dress which is a favourite of mine and came from Debenhams. I love the combination of stripes and flowers and the way they gather more densely at the bottom of the dress.

poppy adventure

I have actually spent a few days this week sorting and clearing out my daughters room. I went through all her clothes and whilst she has a good collection of dresses, she is running low on many items and she has had a massive growth spurt.

poppy adventure

I ended up with two bags full of clothes that are too small and created a list of the things Sylvia is going to need for the Autumn and Winter season. She needs new socks, undies, a few cardigans, trousers, leggings and jumpers. Her coat still fits and she has most of her uniform which we got as part of a review for Matalan and so it’s just the next size up which she is going to need in the coming weeks and months.

poppy adventure

I’m really looking forward to finishing off the last of the Summer Style posts and looking at what we can get for Autumn for Sylvy to wear and feature on the blog. My daughter loves to run and play and needs some rough outdoor clothes in a size 9. She is quite tall for her age and growing super fast.

poppy adventure

So I’m hoping to get some lovely items via the blog for review and will be popping into some charity shops, local supermarkets and checking out e-bay and face book selling pages. The reality is some parents cannot afford to go buy all brand new clothes for their kids as fun as that would be we have to be frugal, budget and live within our means.

poppy adventure

The one thing I don’t really like to get second hand is shoes. Just because children’s feet wear shoes down differently and so I’d rather get Sylvia some good quality Autumn boots and then find some second hand clothes if that makes sense. Sylvia’s coat is still fitting well so thats good news.

poppy adventure

I think it’s important to teach children good values and as a child I learnt that whilst nice stylish clothes are lovely to have, you can find these from many places be it a shop or a thrift store. I’ve always had to budget since being a mum and this year is no exception. I think it’s great to teach my daughter about living on a budget and I cant wait to take sylvia charity shopping in September to search for some items she likes. It will be fun.

poppy adventure

Whilst on their walk, John and Sylvia stumbled across a Poppy reef and talked about the War, the soldiers who fought for our country and the lives that were lost. Really quite Ironic as she too was wearing a poppy dress at the time. I hope you liked the episode of Sylvia’s Style.


  1. It’s such a shame you can’t get out on every outing but it sounds like you are doing better and getting out a bit more…
    That is such a pretty dress….
    I agree shoes do need to be new…I do the same buy new shoes and charity shop clothes. It works well. My girls love looking for bargains and prefer charity shops to other shops.

  2. Your faughter is absolutely beautiful! I love her poppy dress too!! Sorry to hear about your illness but glad to hear you’re getting out more than you were! Also its lovely that she gets to have one on one time with her dad too and they look as if they had a very fun day! I love your last point about teaching children that great/stylish clothes can come from anywhere including charity shops and second hand contributors, I’m actually a big lover of charity shops and if something is in good condition why be ashamed of where you bought it? I also want my kids to learn the same šŸ™‚

  3. Gorgeous dress. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go but it must be lovely seeing the pictures of their days out together x

  4. Looks like they had a lovley time! Sorry you couldn’t join them but they did a great job taking you some great photos. I love that Yumi Poppy Dress and I totally agree with you that it’s great to kids that it’s important to budget.

  5. I’ve never thought about having to buy shoes new? I guess i’ve never seen any in a charity shop I like!
    But I do buy lots of other stuff from charity shops! šŸ™‚
    Your daughter looks adorable, and her dress is beautiful!! I want it in my size!!

    1. When I was a single mum with little money I did not always have much money so bought everything second but now I can afford to get the shoes new. Back in 2010 it was hard and I would get second hand clarks.

  6. Have to agree with you on the second hand shopping – I’m a big fan – I find I can always pick up brand new items when I go there. Her dress is fab, gorgeous girl and a lovely day out.

  7. Amazing photos and that dress looks gorgeous on Sylvia! I am sorry to hear that you have struggles, but you seem like a positive and determined person I think you will do good. Your daughter seems lovely, Bless x

  8. These photos are gorgeous, I love the one where she is jumping up in the air!
    We get LOTS of stuff, like nearly half of Lily’s wardrobe, from charity shops etc. but like you, she always has new shoes as she has wide fit and I get anxious about them fitting properly.
    It’s great that you’re getting about more and even though you didn’t get there this time, he took some bloody fantastic photos didn’t he and they definitely seemed to have a fabulous time!
    X X

  9. Beautiful photos as always. I’m with you on second hand shoes, I thought I was just really weird about it. But I don’t like my children to have second hand shoes. But I very gratefully receive second hand clothes from friends and family. I think it must be something about the summer as my son has really shot up in height too!

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