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Let’s Chat About Sylvia’s Style And My Dreams

Well today I thought I’d chat about Sylvia’s Style a concept and blog category which I invented some time ago.

Back in 2015 I was blogging about life, about family and health and I secured my first Ambassador role as a blogger.

I won’t be mentioning the name of the company. We had an agreement in place and I was sent clothing for my daughter to share on the blog.

I was so excited but also new to the blogging world. I chose a dress for my daughter to model and announced the ambassador role.

I was so excited but also a newish blogger. I wrote my post, did all the social media promotion and delivered on my side of the deal.

However I was burned. Yep, this was my first time to be duped by a company. They had agreed to a payment for the work I would do yet never paid.

I chased for months and by the end of the year the company had disappeared. They no longer operated. I was left with a dress and a beautiful set of photos.

Roco Clothing

Rather than pull the blog and be sour, I removed any mention of the Brand for which I’d written for and repurposed the content to suit myself.

After all the photos of my daughter were lovely. I started sharing photos of clothing on Sundays and called it My Sunday Style. However by 2016 I had changed the name of this category to Sylvia’s Style and so the story goes on.

fairy dress

My daughter began modelling clothes we had been given second hand. We took photos and I would write my weekly post. Eventually we were contacted by brands and in 2016 we reviewed clothing for brands such as Debenhams, House of Fraser, Matalan and Kickers.

parenting with chronic illness

I fell in love with the Yumi Dresses from John Lewis and House of Fraser and Rachel Riley Dresses. Sylvia and I built up such a great collection of dresses that we wrote a blog post featuring her top 10 Summer Dresses.

I then had the opportunity to work with Roco clothing. This was a review only and went so well we were sent a second dress within a few months.

We have now reviewed four dresses for Roco and it’s been so fun. I love how pretty and gorgeous their items are. However Roco only go up to a certain size and soon Sylvia will be too big for their collections.

roco clothing phillipa dress pink Brisdesmaid

I have over the last 12 months worked really hard to promote our Sylvia’s Style posts. In fact I considered making a separate blog so it could be more niche but every time I consider making a second blog it does not work out.

I can’t split my efforts out over two blogs. I have tried. I am sticking to one for now and focusing on kids fashion on Fridays and on our Instagram feed.

Roco Clothing

I really do love sharing beautiful clothes worn by my gorgeous daughter and in the coming months I plan to pitch to several companies for potential collaborations on the blog and Instagram. I am excited. It makes me happy and is super fun.

girls soldier costume

Kids fashion is just one part of the blog that I love to share and it’s something I plan to keep doing. I must admit I did struggle in winter.

I like to share outdoor images on my instagram feed and we did find it hard in Winter. I think with practice and patience this will get better.

Flamingo Dress

So, we have two outfits coming up in July and August. We have a wonderful Tutu and top with Angel Wings which is stunning and we also have a star wars themed costume coming on Instagram.

I will be looking to work with PR’s from August through to December. I plan to do a children’s clothing gift guide at Christmas and have some ideas up my sleeve for this.

girls ivory flower girl dress

I feel we have come a long way with our Sylvia’s style posts and category and I want to do much more.

In fact my sister has 4 beautiful daughters who would all make fantastic clothing models and they are all gorgeous like my daughter. They are however in New Zealand.

So I have a dream, a goal, a plan. I would love to visit New Zealand. Maybe in a year or so. I have never physically met 3 of my nieces and I really would like to. I have not seen my sister since 2010. It has been a long time.

I dream of going home for a visit in the long term future and when I do I am going to take clothes from different brands and do some photos shoots in bulk. I will then be able to share lovely photos of the kids on my blog in addition to pictures of my sister.

sylvia cuddling Yoda the dog

I am so excited about this. I will slowly work towards my goal. I know I need to work hard, very hard and I need to keep trying to build my engagement and genuine audience on Instagram.

Then when I am doing well enough I will pitch to companies to cover our flights to NZ as a brand ambassadorship and go do some amazing photo shoots. This is the plan.

This is a dream and I am sure we can do it… It is a matter of time and flipping hard work. A dream is a dream unless you act on it and I am so going to do this.

yumi dress

Sylvia’s Style will continue and I am excited about this dream!

Angela x