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Learning to drive was never an easy thing for me. I sat my learners licence at the age of 15 and despite having a few private lessons with a Professional driver I didn’t learn to drive until I was in my mid twenties.

On my third lesson as a teen I snagged the curb and the driving instructor went mad with me saying I could have damaged his car.

Thinking about it now the instructor  was insured and I was a learner driver but that incident put me off driving for several years.

At the age of 17 I got behind the wheel again. This time everything went okay. I was driving really well until the final stage where I was parking the car and bang, I drove into straight into the wall.

The car I was driving was damaged and I had to shop around to find spare parts to fix the broken light.

I didn’t want to drive again and had no plans to do so until 2006 when I went to live in the Island of Tonga.

Learning to drive in the Pacific Islands was so much easier than New Zealand. There were fewer cars on the roads and a lot of the streets were empty. It meant I could learn without worrying about seeing other cars around me.

The only down side to the roads in Tonga were the many pot holes and the bananas and coconuts that often fell into the road. You define key had to be on the lookout for hazards and when quite a few times the wheels on the Land Rover would need replacing due to the toughness of the roads.

We were really lucky to own a car in Tonga as travelling around the Island is not easy for those without transport. Having a car and learning to drive gave me an independence which became very useful once my daughter was born.

Being a mother I was able to drive Sylvia to appointments, visit the library for story time and travel to the store for groceries. I’ve always owned a car as a Mother and it’s something I wouldn’t want to be without.

The first car my dad owned was a Lada. It was quite an old fashioned car back in the 1980’s.

I fondly remember my dad working on his car on many occasions as a child. Our neighbour owned a Landrover just like we did in Tonga and dad would always be helping him out helping fix parts when the car needed maintenance.

I’m lucky my husband is quite handy and able to keep on top of our car maintenance. I love the fact  that if we have a problem we can order spare parts online and John can fix it!

You too can get spare parts for your land rover here Learning to drive and maintain a car is not as difficult as I thought. I just needed time and the right environment.

I’m so glad I learnt to drive and it’s certainly a skill I will be teaching my daughter.

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