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Learning About Japan With Little Passports


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Teaching Kids About Japan

This month as part of Sylvia’s Little Passports Subscription she received a parcel containing goodies about Japan.

Sylvia was really excited for her monthly parcel to arrive and really excited to be getting her first country from Asia. Previously we had Brazil and next month it will be Egypt.

Sylvia all ready has a Little Passports Suitcase with her own passport and map. This month she received several new items. Sylvia got an origami pack, a recipe for making bento style Sushi and information on Japan.


There was also a little trinket representing Japan and a leaflet with more information about Japan. I was really pleased to see the items in the package this month. I am a big bento box fan and we had all ready bought some Sushi seaweed so we can attempt to make our own Sushi creations.


Sylvia was excited and we googled Japan and read some more about the country. I taught Sylvia about Tsunami’s and we discussed the Tsunami that hit Japan several years ago. We also learned about Sumo wrestling and looked at some Japanese traditional clothing.

Sylvia had never heard of chopsticks and so I thought it would be fun to introduce her to chopsticks and see how she managed. We had quite a bit of fun and really enjoyed learning more about a new country.


The Little passports range is really great. We are enjoying receiving new information each month and it’s so education. the packages are a stepping stone for us and result in child lead and child informed learning.


This subscription has sparked a curiosity in Sylvia to learn more about other countries. In fact she asked to go to the library as she wants to learn French so she went and got some books to help her learn french words.


Thanks Little passports for sending us a great package this month.



Teaching Kids About Japan


  1. These are fab! I think I might sign up for my son once he can read (hopefully by Christmas, eek!) as I know he’d enjoy learning about different countries.
    Your daughter is beautiful xx

  2. Oh wow! This is such a fab concept for learning about different countries. When I was younger I used to get the Rugrats around the world magazine and loved reading about all of the countries! It’s great that there is something like that for this generation and these boxes sound more hands on! xo

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