Learn to Love Your Living Room Once Again

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All too often, our rooms can begin to look dated very quickly if we don’t give them mini makeovers now and then. The living room is the part of your pad where you spend the most of your time as a family. Here, you watch the latest episodes of your favorite Netflix box set, you play games with the kids, and you relax with a glass of wine with your partner in the evening. When the walls begin to look a little dated, your furniture is a little moth eaten and your fireplace is a 1960s monstrosity, you will begin to fall out of love with your living room. By renovating and sprucing up your living space, you can fall head over heels with your interior once again.



When you are kitting out your living room, don’t succumb to all of the covers of the interior magazines. This may mean that you end up with a decor that is hugely fashionable but that you detest. Instead, consider the colors and styles that you enjoy being surrounded by. You might wish to venture to the local auction house to source some one of a kind vintage furniture to be more eco-friendly. Mid century G-Plan sofas and Ercol side tables are becoming more scarce and highly sought after. Purchase these for your vintage interior and you could have a little investment on your hands if you keep your furniture in great condition.

Alternatively, you might want an ultra modern interior. To epitomize your super cool credentials, look at the modern luxury sofas available on the market. Contemporary U shaped and corner sofas aim to utilize space more effectively. They often have reclining backs and memory foam cushioning to be the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

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The walls of your room will elevate your decor and give your living space a sense of style. Go bold with deep damson hues and you could limit the natural light in your interior. Alternatively, you could opt for a simple and minimalist white wall sheen emulsion. This would allow sunlight to bounce around your room. Forget cluttering up your wall space with loads of photos and stick to just a few family images here and there. Large canvas prints can look modern and fresh compared to heavy framed alternatives. If you are fortunate enough to have a chimney breast, you could choose to make a feature of it with some 1960s inspired wallpaper or a different tone of white or a bolder color.


The features within your room should sing. If you have cornice, a ceiling rose or a Victorian hearth and fireplace, allow it to be seen and become a focal point of the room. If you have a period pad, but the fireplace is long gone, consider heading to a reclamation yard to pick up a new one. Black cast iron fireplaces are cheap to renovate and install. Or perhaps you want to go back to bare brick to add interest and a rustic feel to your chimney breast.

Follow this simple guide and you can learn to love your living room once again.

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