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last day of school

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Last Day of School

Sylvia’s last day of school. She wanted to wear her coat on a hot sunny day and when her daddy suggested she take it off she did not want to comply! Hence the half smile!

I am so excited to be spending the Summer together and love Summer holidays. We have so many ideas and fun things we can do together and I simply can’t wait. The summer is the best. We love it and I simply can’t wait to go and have fun with my daughter.

Summer holidays hear we come.

Angela xx





    1. I was beginning to wonder if she as just the odd one out when it comes to having her coat on during baking hot sunshine. I am happy to know that she not the only one who does this.

      Ang Xx

  1. Ahh that’s going to make a lovely memory. 🙂 I find Z is “never cold” and never ever wants to wear his coat. Even if it’s chucking it down!

    1. This is funny. Sylvia is only like this when it is raining and she says that putting her coat on will ‘Ruin my hair’. She can be such a madam at times, but a lovable one though.

      Ang Xx

    1. Sorry this is really funny. Sylvia only does this during school time, any other time, she wont wear her coat. Getting her to wear her jacket when its raining and we are going out, is different problem all together.

      Ang Xx

    1. My husband said that she was trying to get to smile but she wasn’t having any of it. Instead he got a really good photo. I am really happy with this one.

      Ang Xx

  2. Aww bless her. She still looks gorgeous though. Kids really have this things about coats. isn’t it? Come winter, it’s a struggle to put their coats on. lol xx

    1. Exactly! She is a monkey at times and makes us laugh. Frowns when we need a smile, puts her coat on when it’s hot, takes everything off when it’s cold lol! That’s kids for you! Angela xx

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