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La Roche-Posay A Beauty Review

A few weeks ago I was sent some fabulous products form the La Roche-Posay product range. I was really pleased as It’s wonderful to try new beauty products from time to time and it was time for me to get something new and fresh.

So the first product I was sent was the La Roche-Posay Sensitive Eye Contour. This was a 20ml bottle of moisturising eye cream which targets puffiness in the eyes, soothes and protects the eye area. I tries this out each day and enjoyed the fresh feeling I got after using the product.

Second I received a box of makeup remover vials. There are 30 5ml viles in the box and these are used with cotton wool to remove makeup from the face and eye area. These are really useful. I love that if you go away you can simply pop one or two vials into your toiletry bag and don’t have to pack a big bottle of makeup remover. That is really practical. The products are made for ultra sensitive skin and instantly dissolved the makeup making my face fresh and hydrated. I think this was my favourite item to test out from the range.

Third I received an ultra soothing overnight care product which is enriched with thermal spring water and vitamin E to help target dryness. This was great to put on at night before going to sleep and left my face feeling hydrated and soothed.

The 4th item was the non-oily day care soothing fluid. I was able to place this on my face and feel a fresh feeling all day. What I liked about these items is that they have no preservatives, no fragrances, colourant or parabens. I like the idea of natural products which are designed for a sensitive face and the La Rosche-Posay range really worked well for me. I am enjoying using these products and they really do leave the face and eyes feeling fresh, soothed and hydrated. Who doesn’t want that?



Disclosure: I was sent these items for the purpose of review. All opinions are honest and my own thoughts.