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La Bella Vita! A Family Holiday in Sicily

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La Bella Vita! A Family Holiday in Sicily

A family holiday is never as simple as selecting a destination and going. There are many things to plan and consider e.g. time, money, school. But if you have found a way round these things, and are planning a summer escape that both parents and children can enjoy, it’s time to consider the many benefits of visiting the beautiful island of Sicily. With all of its activities and adventures, Sicily is the go-to place for every type of family. Here are just 5 of uniquely Sicilian things you can enjoy with your family.

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The Italian way

Italians are generally laid back, and in fact one of their main sayings is “ il dolce far niente”, meaning “the sweetness of doing nothing”. Italians pride themselves on knowing how to appreciate downtime, and cherish the moments where they can just sit back and enjoy nothing. You’ll probably be reading this giggling, thinking that you have kids that wouldn’t necessarily agree with the Italian motto; staying still and doing nothing is not a possibility! Parents don’t fret.

A huge positive aspect is the low cost of living there- delicious food and comfortable accommodation for very reasonable prices. For a family it is worth considering using a site like to search villas in Sicily with private pool especially if you want to keep an eye on the kids whilst enjoying some well-deserved sunshine and sweet doing nothing.

Beaches Galore

While searching for information on Sicily you probably photo after photo of glorious beaches. Rightly so- the sea in Sicily is practically indescribable. With deep blue waters reflecting the sky looking down upon them, and the towns and cities looking over the magnificent seascape, the Sicilian sea is truly unique. Renown for its cleanliness and spectacular seabed, you and your family will be stopping by (even just to dip your toes) very often. In Sicily, very often near the beaches, you can find typical gazebos with refreshments, which often also sell beach toys for the kids. Meaning- you and your partner get a nice drink, while the children play.

That Food though

After all these trips, outings, and beach days, you and (perhaps more so) your children will be pretty hungry. Snacks will get you through the day, but when you need a good sit-down mean, Sicily has you covered. With hundreds of typical Sicilian dishes, as well as the more famous Italian ones, you will most definitely not be leaving the table hungry. For your little ones, the typical pasta dish “ pasta alla norma” includes an aubergine, tomato, basil, and ricotta salata sauce that they will eat right up.

italian Gelato

For you and your partner on the other hand, do make sure you try the pasta as well, and follow it with one of the fantastic fresh fish dishes Sicilians pride themselves on. Nonetheless, if aubergines or seafood aren’t your cup of tea, the menus are usually always 5-10 pages long, offering everybody something they will enjoy. (And don’t forget to try some of Sicily’s famous desserts!)


Etna Adventures

What most people don’t know is that Sicily has a volcano to visit! Towering over the city of Catania, Etna is a true Sicilian symbol. With tours, hikes, and adventure parks surrounding the volcano, you and your family will definitely have a blast visiting it. Very organised, you can reach the top of the volcano in different ways. Do keep in mind though that it gets chilly, so bring jackets while you and your family take in the view from the top; and bring your camera too!

Magical Ruins

And like every respectable Italian region, Sicily has endless ruins to visit. From town to town, ruins are often on the outskirts. Nonetheless, even just the architecture of the towns is part of history and time, seeing the amount of years they’ve been there. From temples to amphitheatres, your kids will be walking through history. Guides and private tours are available, and reaching the sites is easy. Do remember sunscreen and water though, just in case the day is particularly hot, and you find yourself wanting to roam around more.

Sicily is suited for all ages and people seeking adventures, relaxing beach days without spending a fortune, and eating delicious meals. You and your family will make memories that will last a lifetime; make sure you bring a camera for the best moments!


*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

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