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Why Knitting Is The Key To Happiness

Knitting can truly make you feel happy. In fact sometimes the answer to a problem is so simple that you might not believe it’s actually true. In this case, the key to happiness may not be found after a big life-changing decision or grand journey, according to scientific research, it could be lying in a pile of yarn and knitting needles.

Knitting Makes You Happy

It’s true that science says knitting makes humans happier and emotionally warmer, after finding that people who finished this particular craft had significantly improved their mood and depressed feelings.

Certain research groups measured people doing textile work and compared their emotional shifts to people who wrote or meditated — those who knitted, sewed or weaved had the best results with mood and blood pressure.

Knitting Improves Health And Happiness

Scientists have found that knitting improves health and happiness by noticeably lowering heart-rates and releasing the mood-regulator serotonin in the brain, which is a chemical that contributes to emotional well-being.


Knitting Basics Where To Start

If you don’t have any clue how to knit, you can start out by going to the website Yarnspirations and following one of their free beginner knit patterns — pick a straightforward knit scarf pattern at first instead of an intricate sweater, top or blanket.

The website also has all of the supplies, accessories and materials that you could possibly need to kick-off your new hobby. You should at least have a pair of shiny new knitting needles and a spool of super bulky yarn to begin your very first project.

Pick out your tools and a spool of your favourite colour and have them sent directly to your home in no time — they have free shipping on orders over $75 to locations in the United States of America and Canada.

If you happen to change your mind about your order, you can rest easy knowing that they have a 45-day return policy.

knitting can bring happiness

Knitting Can Help You Relax And Feel Inner Peace

Researchers believe that part of knitting your way to a happier mind is bonding with other crafters over the activity — a study started by Cardiff University surveyed over three thousand knitters from around the world and found that they reported greater communication because of their hobby.

If you want to gather your friends together or even make some new connections, consider hosting a knit-in for an afternoon. Encourage people to gather their needles, yarn, patterns or half-finished projects to come together and craft.


You can create a collective project for everyone to participate in like making blankets or preemie caps for a local charity.

If it’s successful, these attendants could be the foundation of a weekly knitting group and creative support system. For anyone who can’t seem to recruit any people for a live crafting session, you can always join an online group or forum and share your work there.  

Knitting is more than an activity that results in a cozy sweater or multi-coloured scarf, it’s a lifestyle that is proven to make crafters emotionally healthier. It’s time to grab a pair of needles so that you can find your happiness in a sock pattern and make new friends in a social circle.

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