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Can you believe that the Easter break is almost here? And with that in mind, millions of us will be looking forward to spending time with our families, heading to religious services, hunting Easter eggs and looking for the Easter bunny.

Many families also choose the Easter break to have a little break of their own. Whether that’s visiting relatives or having a mini holiday. But studies have shown that many parents dread travelling with their children, simply because they find it stressful and cannot pacify or soothe their younger children like they normally would at home.

We all know what it’s like being stuck in a traffic jam with a screaming baby in the backseat. It’s very upsetting and stressful for everyone involved. So, with that in mind, I’ve gathered a few simple ways of how you can keep your little ones happy whilst travelling.

Print and plan ahead

Traffic jams and families sat in their cars never mix well. So, it pays to plan ahead. One handy tip I picked up is to print off plenty of online colouring pages before I travel with my kids – check out for the latest printer ink prices – and then bring plenty of colouring pens, pencils and crayons along too. It’s a nice way to keep them busy for a while, just make sure you bring plenty of each colour, so they’re not arguing over who has had the blue crayon for the longest…

Don’t turn away from tech

Parents seem to have a love hate relationship with kids and technology. But if you’re travelling, then they really are helpful. Make sure they have plenty of pre-loaded episodes of their favourite shows and access to their favourite games without an internet connection, and don’t forget the headphones. I usually save the tech for the last part of the journey. But, don’t feel guilty if you do it sooner!

Snack attack!

Boredom and eating go hand in hand. So, make sure you’re ready for when hunger strikes! I usually like making them up a little lunch box each, that’s filled with their favourite sandwich, a pack of crisps, some vegetable sticks and maybe a couple of cookies or two. I normally have other snacks in the car too, just to keep their tummies from rumbling if we’re in the car longer than expected. Don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled water too and avoid those fizzy drinks.

A playlist

Who doesn’t love a singalong in the car? It’s part of the fun right? Before you travel, have the kids help you put together a playlist that’s bursting with their favourite songs, Disney tracks and even nursery rhymes for the little ones. I usually save this for the last leg of the journey, as even Disney songs can get a little tiresome after several non-stop hours.

Keep your cool

Kids often reflect the mood and attitudes of their parents. So, even though the traffic jam is never ending and it’s extremely stressful, try not to let it show. The children will be much happier if they know you’re ok too.

*This is a collaborative post*