Kids Heart Alphabet Phonics Matching Activity

Valentines is around the corner and I thought it would be fun to create an alphabet themed heart activity. Valentines is a fun time and a great opportunity to do heart themed activities with the little ones. This is a fun little resource to make with or for preschool aged kids and is super quick and easy to create.

Alphabet activity

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What you need

 2 sheets of pink coloured foam

Black pebble glass stones

Coloured Poscas Pens


Alphabet activity

Using the scissors cut out 26 love hearts from the pink foam.

Alphabet activity

Next use the posca paint pens to paint the letters onto the black pebble stones. You can choose either lower or upper case letters. I chose lower case letters as these are the letters I would teach a child first.


Alphabet activity


I then used the posca paint pens to paint matching letters onto the pink foam.

Alphabet activity

Once the alphabet resource is ready, you can play a number of games from matching the letters on the foam hearts to the letters on the black stones. You can also play a sound game to practice the sounds and if you want to go a step further make a second set with upper case letters to match the lower case and upper case letters.

Alphabet activity

You can have lots of fun helping your little ones to learn and practice the Alphabet. Letter recognition is a crucial skill for children who start school and helping children at home or in the preschool setting to become more familiar with the alphabet is always a great thing. You may also want to sing the alphabet to add variety to the activity.


Alphabet activity



Here is a fantastic Free Printable: The Alphabet Song. Hope you find it useful.

To download your free Alphabet Song printable just click here.


alphabet heart game

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