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Kids Book Corner – No David

Kids Book Corner - No David

Kids Book Corner – No David

No David

“No David is a funny book because he’s always into mischief” – Anna age 8yrs.

This has got to be one of the best kids picture books in the world. I totally love it. My mum bought it for my brother when he was little and I loved reading it to him. Now the book has been passed to my children and they each have delighted in ‘reading’ the words themselves. It is so simple that my 2 years old is reading it.

The illustrations are delightful. They communicate a playful, childish mood.

It is a book which shows a boy being told off for misbehaving in a number of different ways, and ALL parents and kids can relate to this. The thing I enjoy the most about this book though are the lessons it teaches to me as a parent. It reminds me to praise my children more than I am correcting them. It teaches me to think ‘why is my child acting like this?’ Are they bored, tired, hungry or do they just need my attention for a while? Am I too busy for them? Best of all, it reminds me to love my children unconditionally.

Yes mistakes will be made, vases may get broken (and greenhouses may get broken, and flour may be all over your kitchen, and toys all over the house, and milk on the carpet). But to be honest in the grand scheme of things, a broken vase is much better than a broken child who does not know love, or an unhappy child that cannot feel safe in their own home.

Life Lessons from ‘No, David!’

  1. Take time to praise your child when they are ‘caught’ being good.
  2. Ask yourself ‘Why is my child behaving like this?’ Are they tired, bored, hungry or do they just need some time with you.
  3. Love your child unconditionally – and let them know it!

Thanks for reading!

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Dr Brunt x


  1. That’s a great book and love listening to Lily read it. I can certainly relate to this story – I feel like I have many days that I constantly say “No Jessica” and “No Sophie” but it is good to be reminded to balance it with praise too! I love that the book finishes with “I love you David”. Thanks for linking up to #ftmob

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