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Kids Bedroom Blinds that Glow in the Dark From English Blinds

Today I am super excited to be sharing our brand new kids bedroom blinds that glow in the dark. These are fantastic blinds which I purchased from the English Blinds company and I’m so super excited for my daughter to see them.

Sylvia has been away for the holidays visiting her grandmother and so I had the opportunity to declutter and reorganise her bedroom. The final thing we needed to do was to put up some new blinds.

High Quality Kids Bedroom Blinds

In fact, I purchased blinds last year from a “cheap” store and they broke super fast. I was really disappointed and so this time I wanted to get high quality blinds which are made to last.

We recently got a new children’s midsleeper bed which is grey and when I saw the English Blinds, Glow in the dark blinds advertised, I knew they would fantastic in both Sylvia’s room and our spare room.

I ordered two sets of blinds and they arrived within two days of ordering.

First we had to remove the old brackets from the top of the window and prep the window area. I took a before photo.

Sylvia has slept with a sheet up for a few weeks since her blinds broke so I was really pleased to be able to get a new and high quality blind fitted in her room.


Fitting The Kids Bedroom Blinds

John drilled the new brackets into place. These came with the new glow in the dark blinds and fitted the area perfectly.

We measured up the size blinds we needed so we were able to order the blinds to fit perfectly as we wanted them.

The Kids Glow in the dark blinds are high quality custom made roller blinds. They are made to measure and have a 3 year guarantee which gives me confidence about the quality.

These blinds are made from high quality British components and are compliant with EU13120 child safety directives. They also came with all the fitting and care instructions to help us protect the blinds and use them correctly.

I’m so pleased and can’t wait to show Sylvia her new blinds. The stars glow in the dark and look amazing. Sylvia is going to love it. I love that she now has privacy in her room once more and we have a set both in Sylvia’s room and the back room.

I am very pleased and have learnt that it is often better to invest in high quality blinds that will last a long time than waste money on cheap blinds that will break within a few months.

Angela x

*I purchased these blinds*