Keeping The Home Clean With Ace Stain Removers

Ace cleaning products

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Keeping The Home Clean With Ace Stain Removers

Before I developed Adrenal Insufficiency I was a cleaning addict. I loved to keep my home clean and germ free. I even started as a child and bought my own products. I recall going to Wilko as a young girl and buying my own cloths and spray. I kept them under the bed for safe keeping and I’ve always kept a clean home ever since.

When I became unwell cleaning became the last thing on my list of things to do. Often I have been bedbound, in hospital or simply too unwell to clean and so two years ago we found a cleaner to help out once a fortnight for two hours. My cleaner is amazing. She does a great job and every two weeks we clear and tidy ready for a deep clean.

Ace cleaning products

My immune system is not brilliant and therefore keeping our home germ free now is more important than ever. The laundry can pile up, the surfaces need wiping, the floors need hoovering and the bathroom needs a good clean. When my cleaner comes fortnightly we always chat and talk. She has become a good friend and I always feel so happy when the home has been cleaned. It feels great and I can focus on the other things like cooking dinner, doing dishes and other daily basics.

Ace cleaning products

Don’t get me wrong, my husband helps do the daily tasks. We do what we can together and he takes over if I am too unwell. However our cleaner does an amazing job and her support is brilliant. Some cleaners bring their own products but for us, we have a box full for  cleaning products which remove dirt and grime and stains and smell lovely and fresh.

Ace cleaning products

This month we were sent a fantastic range of stain removal products from Ace. I’ve not used these items before but we put them to the test and both John and I liked the products we were sent.  My cleaner also loved the Ace range and they have been really useful for cleaning up several spills and messes that come with being a parent. Professional companies like use them too!

Ace have created some brilliant Baby Milestone cards with a twist they are great and are available to download here.

This post was sponsored by Ace. You can check out their full range of cleaning and laundry products at



    1. Yes I cracked up when I saw them. They are great cards. I’m glad you like the Ace brand. It’s been great for us to test them out!

  1. My nanny family use the green bottle of Ace stain remover. I often do the kids washing and I use this on their clothes. Gets rid of staines very well. I’m just careful I don’t get any on my hands as it tends to sting my skin and it turns white a little!

  2. My mummy is in a similar situation and finds cleaning hard since she’s come out of hospital. This looks like a good range and we will definitely look out for it in stores x

  3. These look great! I haven’t actually heard of this brand before though. My sister in law would love those downloads – I am definitely going to share them with her x

  4. I have not used Ace products before but they sound brilliant as I too suffer from allergies so need to have my house clean as a whistle. I would love to review them.

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