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If your dog is anything like Yoda and Casper, they will get dirty and need regular baths or showers. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your dog is really important. I love it when Yoda goes to the groomers he comes back smelling lovely and fresh for a few days, however whenever we shower and wash our dogs it’s never the same. I think this is due to not knowing which dog shampoo and conditioner to use.

bichon frise in shower

We have tried a number of different products and they never really do the job as I’d like. Yoda and Casper don’t exactly like having showers but it needs to be done and as their owner, I want them to smell lovely and fresh as much as possible.

Yoda and Casper are smart dogs and they know when they smell lovely and look good. They have a sense of pride and scat around knowing they are clean and fresh. It happens every time they come home from the groomers. They also get extra attention when they look and smell great so finding a good product to use is really important for them.


Last week we were sent some BarkLogic products. I was really pleased and looking forward to testing out this new range and seeing if it worked well for Yoda and Casper. We were sent four products.

BarkLogic Revitalizing Spa Leave In Conditioning & Detangling Spray – Lime Flavour

BarkLogic Sensative Skin 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo- Tangerine

BarkLogic Sensative Skin Noursihing Coat & Paw Wipes – Tangerine Flavour

BarkLogic Calming Shampoo- Lavender

So we gave Yoda and Casper Showers. We used the Tangerine Shampoo and the Lime Conditioner on Yoda and the Lavender Shampoo and Lime Conditioner of Casper. I can confirm that both dogs had a great wash and they smelt absolutely gorgeous. I really like the tangerine smell the best.

The lavender Shampoo had a calming effect on Casper and he had a really good sleep after his shower.

We used the tangerine wipes to clean our dogs paws after they went for a walk and again they smelt lovely and did a great job of cleaning the paws.

I really like the range we were sent to test out and I honestly think it’s a good product. I’m glad I did test this as the one’s we tried previously were no way near as good quality as the BarkLogic products. I’m sure once we have used up the shampoo we will be ordering more.


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Disclosure: We were sent the Barklogic products for the purpose of this review



  1. We have a new puppy and we’ve been very fussy about what we buy for him, I will definitely look out for these products, I have to say Ralf is a ball of fluff (Shihtzu/Bichon) and gets filthy as he loves being in the garden.

    1. Oh cool. I think there are some really rubbish products out there and then some good quality ones too. 🙂 Yoda and casper seemed to like these ones. 🙂 Angela x

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