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teen driving


Teenagers are usually adventurous and carefree. But, a carefree attitude while driving can cost serious damage to them and to those on the road. From checking text messages on their phone to answering a phone call, there are several distractions for a driver who is too attached to his/her phone.

teen driving

Smartphones and Distracted Driving

Ever since the technology advanced and we got cell phones in our hands, the addiction to social networking sites, texting, and screen use increased. With the rapid progression in technology, excessive smartphone usage has become normal among teenagers and this is the biggest cause of distracted driving.

Most of the accidents happen due to distracted drivers on the road. Texting is the main cause of distraction among teen drivers. The consequences of such distraction can be extremely damaging. Educate your child about the real life incidents and their aftermaths. Instill good driving habits in them by keeping your own phone away when you are behind the driving seat. Remind your teen that they should only keep their attention on the road while driving. By providing your teen information about heartbreaking road accidents that have happened in the past due to distracted drivers, you can grow a sense of responsibility in your teen driver.

Tools to Ensure Safe Teen Driving

The first step to encourage ideal driving etiquettes in your child is to portray them in your own life. Your teenager should have your right example to follow when it comes to driving.  Other than that, monitoring is another way to ensure your teen driver stays attentive to the road. Parents need to use digital tools to monitor whether or not their child uses his/her cell phone while driving.

With a mobile phone parental control, parents can take control of their child’s phone use. FamilyTime parental control app is one such app that helps parents immensely in this regard. Want to have a look at the FamilyTime app?

Why not give this app a try for free? To get the trial version, visit the app store on your phone say Google Play or iTunes. The trial version of the app gives you access to all premium features of the app for complete 3 days.

Use FamilyTime App to Keep Tabs on Teen Drivers

FamilyTime provides the best way to ensure your child drives without any distractions. In this regard, FamilyTime helps parents by letting them:

  •    Schedule an auto screen lock on their teen’s mobile phone
  •    Define speed limit
  •    Receive alerts in case of overspending
  •    Monitor text messages on teen’s mobile device
  •    View call logs on child’s phone along with the date and time details
  •    Lock teen’s device by a single swipe.

By staying updated of your child’s digital behaviour, you can control their screen temptation in a far better way. So, switch now to smart parenting and stay in the loop with your child’s activities 24/7. Happy Smart Parenting!


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  1. I think that all parents should use parental control apps. To many threats ambush our kids online. Personally I use Kidslox This app is really cool. I use it to set time limits and block content which I consider inappropriate for my son. I think that due to this his behavior changed for the better. He knows the rules and we don’t have arguments when the granted time runs out. It works and I’m happy.

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