Keep your kids entertained at grandmas house

grandma's house

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Keep your kids entertained at grandmas house

Visiting grandparents usually goes two ways; promises of being spoilt rotten and wonderful times spent, or kicking, screaming and ultimately bribing your kids to get in the car. If your children are less than enthusiastic to visit your parents, it can be a struggle both physically and emotionally. It can be much worse if your parent is developing memory problems, living in a care home or has a nurse walking around the house – the kids are likely to fall into boredom or anxiety at seeing their grandparent incapacitated and unable to run around the garden with them any longer.


There are some things you can do to improve the situation and make visits more enjoyable, however.

It’s tempting to stick the kids in front of the television catch up with your parent elsewhere, but try to keep everyone together during a visit.

If your parent is up to it, try and get them some fresh air. Even if it’s just down to the local park or around the garden. The kids will enjoy the outdoors, and you can do all sorts of activities. Perhaps a rounders match where your parent is the umpire or a scavenger hunt that your parent can dictate the items for. Maybe even bring some light arts and crafts materials in a bag and ask everyone to paint or create something. Your parent will appreciate the harken back to simpler times.

There are lots of projects you can give the kids to keep them busy and involve your parent. A great way to keep them busy, engage your parent’s memory and bond everyone is to get the kids to write a story about their grandparent’s life. They can interview them on a period of their life, a country they have visited or a historical event that they lived through. At home, they could make things for their grandparent, like paintings or clay craft, and bring it with them. It’ll brighten their day and home! If you have a VR set that is easily portable, it could be a treat for your parent to enjoy. Try it out!

Perhaps your parent would enjoy a bit of song and dance? Put together a family talent show and perform it for your parent when you get to their house.

Caring People Inc. say that music therapy is an excellent way to stimulate memories for those suffering from Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Therefore, when you visit your loved one, make sure to put some music on as it can alleviate pain, enhance memory and promote motor functioning. It can help with your loved one’s speech and physical capabilities, as well as reduce any stress they be feeling but are unable to declare.

If your mum or dad has a live-in or visiting carer around, it can provide a great excuse to get your kids interacting with your parent more. Nurses in the care sector are sociable by nature and will help bridge the generation gap in creative (and tried and tested) ways. They can show the kids their medical equipment, tell them grisly hospital stories and be there to reassure them of their grandparent’s wellbeing.

Give these activities a go and you’ll soon see your kids much more excited for a visit.

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