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Our Weekly Highlights And Meeting Kat Driscoll


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Our Weekly Highlights And Meeting Kat Driscoll

Well this week has been crazy busy and I have managed to stay alive and not collapse or anything major. I’m really pleased. Yes I’m exhausted and I’ll be paying the price for a week of events, busy blog work and hospital tests. I’m absolutely knackered and feel like a tired baby about to burst into tears.

I will be taking the weekend off and come back to blog work on Monday. I have so much to share and everything we have done has been worth it for the experience.


On Monday we had Sylvia come home from a week with her grandparents. It was teacher training day and she had a crazy Water fight we John using her new Nerf Super Soaker.

super soaker


On Tuesday I had two hospital appointments and got a whole lot of deliveries in the mail. I have quite a few items to review including food products and a fantastic looking kitchen gadget – The Spiralizer. I’m looking forward to Sylvia and I testing this out and writing a review once I’ve got more energy. We will try and make some Courgetti Spaghetti.


This was my first time out in a long time -Besides Hospital Appointments. John drove me to Manchester and I attended the Domu UK #TakeBackYourSummer Event.


I took part in some filming and learnt a lot about the Von Shef range of Kitchen equipment. We made sausages and had a fantastic BBQ.

At the end of the day we were given a goody bag and I got a new electrical Milk Frother which Sylvia and I have tested out. The milk Frother is pretty cool and we love using it already.


Thursday was the toughest day in a long time. I had my Cortisol Day Curve and it was a long day of repeated blood tests in hospital. I am looking forward to my results and hoping this can help determine the correct dose of medication I need. After the test we drove back home to Chorley and I crashed out pretty fast.


I was supposed to rest and recover Friday but I had work to do towards my Fundraising plans. I finished a blog post for next week to announce our plans to raise the money I need for an Adrenal Pump. I created a Just giving page for our Special event which is coming up and created some sponsor paper. I then crashed out for 3 hours before we travelled to the Oxygen Free Jumping Event.


We took Sylvia to enjoy a night of Freejumping at the brand new trampoline park in Manchester. I also met Kat Driscoll, the UK world number one trampolinist and I interviewed her for the blog.

oxygen free jumping

Watch out for next week! I also met Sebastian Foucan a free runner and actor from James Bond Casino Royale.

sebastian FOucan

Sylvia had the most amazing time. She loved the event and sang all the way home. She even said if she could be anyone she would want to be Kat Driscoll the Trampolinist. Maybe we can take Sylvia for more trampoline fun in the coming weeks.

kat driscoll


Well Saturday will be a day of recovery as will Sunday and maybe Monday I will begin writing my blog posts again next week and look forward to sharing all about the Oxygen Event, My Interview with Kat Driscoll, The Domu Summer BBQ and our plans for fundraising. All will be revealed next week.

Until then, I’m clocking out.

Wish me luck


    1. I’d love to rest but i do have to keep blogging as well to try and help me with awareness and my getting well goals. It’s catch 22 rest and dont get support or don’t rest and get support both cause issues.

  1. I’ve been wanting to try out a trampoline park! I know there is one in Preston, I shall have to give it a go! Looks like so much fun!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic week! Courgetti is lovely, I like mine with a generous helping of bolognese so the hot sauce cooks the zoodles and it feels like proper spag bol but with half the calories!

  3. The Spiralizer is great. I have a similar device and it’s so easy to make courgette spaghetti, I use it once in a while and the pasta is delicious and it’s cooked in 2 minutes. I hope you like it too.

  4. That bbq looks great and reminds me we really need to update ours. We are currently cooking on an old birth bath (hubby’s idea)! Trampolining is a lot of fun and good luck with the fund raising I hope you achieve your set amount.

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