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Just Keep Swimming is a moto I repeat to myself over and over. In fact, I was recently commissioned by Simply Swim to share my thoughts on the topic of swimming and I certainly have a lot to contribute.

Swimming has played a huge role in my life and is something I am extremely grateful for. I have an interesting story to share, so sit back, relax and enjoy my Swimming journey.

As a Mother I always enjoyed swimming with my daughter and as a family. My first memories of swimming were at the Royston baths. I was really young. I remember getting my Teddy bear Swimming Award for completing certain tasks such as diving to the bottom of the water to retrieve a brick and swimming 5 meters.

I didn’t have swimming lessons for very long, it was expensive and my parents didn’t have a lot of spare money, however when I turned 8, a kind friend from church offered to drop me and my sister off at the Barnsley Metrodome every Saturday.

Deborah and I would swim every week and it was so much fun. I loved to swim but my favourite thing to do was to dive off the 5 meter board and go on the huge slides.

Swimming each week was super fun. I recall seeing kids who were much better than me at swimming. They had really nice swimming costumes, like the the Addidas, Speedo and Zoggs costumes sold at Simply Swim.

I would often window shop in the Swimming costume shop and look at the goggles and caps wishing I could have those, dreaming of becoming an amazing swimmer.

When I was 12 my grandpa took me shopping to Leeds for my first Swimming costume. Grandpa recently passed away but I still recall the day I was able to choose my very own swim wear.

Grandpa giggled because I chose a women’s costume with “cups” when I wasn’t quite ready for that. Grandpa tried to convince me to get a kid’s costume but kindly let me make my own choice. It makes me laugh thinking about it now.

Having a good quality swimming costume did give me a boost of confidence when I swam and it’s something I’ve always had ever since.

As a young teenager. I purchased my first Fast skin style swimming costume. I was taking part in the swimming sports at school and wanted to an open back costume with knee skins to help me swim as fast as I could.

My costume was very similar to the rockplosion speedo fastskin Swimming costume available at Simply Swim. I loved that costume and would love to get a similar adult version one now. 

I wasn’t the fastest swimmer or the strongest but I gave the competition my best shot. I remember seeing everyone racing ahead of me and I came in last in every race. I struggled to swim the whole 25 meters as quickly as those who had professional lessons but told myself to just keep swimming. 

I migrated to New Zealand at the age of 14 and we suddenly went from Swimming in the pool to swimming in the ocean. We purchased body boards and wetsuits and I had a whole new experience. 

My swimming skills improved, however one day I found myself caught in a rip. The undercurrent dragged me out to sea and I struggled to stay afloat.

I was rescued by a life saver. She told me to hold my breath as huge waves surrounded us. I remember being under the water and waiting for what seemed liked forever wondering when I would be able to breath again. 

My experience out me off swimming outdoors, however by the time I was 16 I decided to improve my swimming skills and took part in the River Thames challenge at a local pool. 

This time I had a strapped endurance legsuit. I visited the pool and swam and swam taking breaks when I needed to. I managed to swim the length of the River Thames safely at the swimming baths over the Summer. I didn’t know if I could achieve my swimming goal but I just kept swimming. 

I bought my first pair of Zoggs Goggles when I was 16 and soon discovered how much I enjoyed simply swimming lengths with my eyes protected. I may be slower than some but Swimming is such a fun activity and was easier for me when I used a good pair of goggles.

I continued to swim until I became unwell with Adrenal Insufficiency several years ago. 

I now have an adrenal pump attached to my body 24 hours a day and I hope to eventually get a waterproof pump so I can get back into the pool and continue my swimming journey again. 

I’ve had a good look at the fantastic range of costumes on the simply swim website and I am going to order myself a new costume in preparation for my return to the pool. I love the Halocline Aqua Curve Legsuit and think it would look great on me. 

I absolutely love the kids range of swimwear and will be ordering some new swimming gear for Sylvia too.

We are visiting New Zealand in August and so Sylvia will be choosing a new costume to take with her on holiday. She is also getting the Simply Swim Girls Nike Hydroguard, a sun protection swim top and we will be getting new goggles, a swimbag and cap. 

Life throws curve balls at you when you least expect it but sometimes you just have to keep on swimming, physically and mentally. That’s what I am doing. I’m looking forward to overcoming my current obstacles and getting back in the pool at some point soon. I really am. 



*This is a commissioned post and advert but all thoughts and opinions are my own*