Jurys Inn Croydon Hotel a Review

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Jurys Inn Croydon A Review

Our experience at the Jurys Inn Croydon.

Sylvia, John and I spent 5 nights staying at the Jurys Inn Croydon, Greater London. We had to travel here for the week so I could get set up on the Adrenal Pump at a private hospital in London. When we arrived we were greeted at the font desk with friendly staff and given our cards to the room. We were on the 10th floor and travelled up by lift.

dog towel

Jurys Inn Hotel Review

When we arrived in our room we were pleasantly surprised to find a dog made from towels. That was a great little added touch to the room which had one double and one single bed. The bedding was white, 100% cotton and filled with Duck Feather and Down.

The bedding was super comfortable and we really did have a good nights sleep each night. 

jurys inn

The rooms were really lovely. We had a peaceful sleeping area, an ensuite bathroom with bath and overhead shower a tv, drink making facilities and telephone. We had little noise in the room and all had really great sleeps.


Our room was cleaned each day and beds made. It was really refreshing walking into the room after a day at hospital with the beds ready made and everything clean and tidy. There were large stains on the floor but that didn’t really affect the quality of our stay.


Jurys Inn Croydon Breakfast

One of the greatest parts for us about our stay was the Jurys Inn Croydon breakfast. There was a great selection of continental and cooked breakfast options. Sylvia particularly loved the waffles and chocolate sauce and the toast and bread selection.


I enjoyed the having egg and beans with a little bit of bacon and John enjoyed the Branflakes.

buffet food

There was a great selection of fruit, cheese and juice. I have to say this topped the breakfast we ate at the last hotel we stayed at and we really enjoyed our breakfast each morning.

Fruit bowl

Service at the Jurys Inn Croydon

All the staff were friendly and kind and really polite. We had room service and ordered a cheese platter one night as a light snack.

Cheese plate

Everything was going well until the the 4th night when my husband collected my growth hormone medication which had apparently been stored in a fridge. The medication was supposed to be kept cold  (as it is in any hotel we stay) however for some reason the medicine bag and medication was not cold, meaning my medicine had not been stored properly and was ruined.

I did complain and was originally told it was my problem and not the hotels. However after writing an email, we received an apology and assurance the procedures for storing medication would be reviewed.

I did feel upset however as I was told by one manager that the medication had been kept in the same fridge for the duration of my stay, yet another manager clearly told me he would place it in a different fridge. In the end I was told I should have informed the hotel I needed an “In room” fridge before arrival,  yet the staff member at the desk told me they didn’t have in room fridges so this left me confused.

In the end I accepted a refund on two nights of our five night stay. However this wont cover the cost of replacing my medication which was ruined.

Jurys Inn Croydon Menu

The dinner menu at the Jurys Inn is fantastic. On our final night at the hotel, Sylvia and I had a three course meal.

jurys inn

We dined in The Grill which was really nice and had sweet potato soup for starters, Scottish Salmon on greens with potatoes and then Sylvia had Nutella Doughnuts, Ice cream and milk shake for dessert.

jurys inn

We loved the meal and the whole dining experience. The food tasted fabulous and the waiter, Santan was wonderful. He was super friendly and a delight to engage with.

jurys inn

Despite the problem with my medication which has been addressed, this The Jury’s Inn Hotel is a wonderful hotel and a place we would return to again in future. We have had a wonderful few days and enjoyed our room, the service and the lovely food. Thank you Jurys Inn Croydon.

Disclosure: We were given a discounted rate in return for an honest review

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  1. What a lovely review. The hotel room looked really good and the food has made me feel very hungry. Shame about the medication…sounds like a lack of communication in the handover, but I’m glad they rectified it somewhat for you. Ps…..I loved the doggy towel !

  2. The doggy towel is cute. The finishing touches really make the difference don’t they? It looks as though you had a lovely stay. I have to say the part about your medication sounds very disappointing especially as it was ruined. What if it had had more serious implications for your health or if you were diabetic for instance? Hopefully they will have learnt from the experience for the future too.

    1. I agree Laura. I am really disappointed about the medication and was so unwell on Monday I missed out on going out for the day with Sylvia.

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