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Junior Labyrinth By Ravensburger

Every Monday we have a family night. We call it Family Home Evening. We have a chat, talk about our plans for the week, have a quick lesson and play a few games. The game we played yesterday was called Junior Labyrinth from Ravensburger and it was a really fun and easy game to play.

The Ravensburger Labyrinth game is a classic maze game for beginners and is designed for up to four players. Labyrinth is aimed at children aged 5-8 however my daughter is ten and really loved this board game. I don’t think children under 4 would enjoy the game.

When you first open the game you will need to set the board up. You have a main board and need to set up counters, the main labyrinth pieces and tokens.

The game is simple to play, you can add a piece of maze to alter the board and then move your counter. While doing so you can block other players and make it easier to reach certain images on the board. When you land on an image you can attempt to find it by choosing a faced down token. The first player to match a token with the board they land on wins.

We really had fun playing this game as a family. The game lasted around 30 minutes and Sylvia really enjoyed it. She is looking forward to playing again in the coming days. It’s a easy game and not too complicated which I really like and we really had fun testing Junior Labyrinth out.

*This was a gifted product*