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Last week Sylvia was sent this fantastic Jungle In My Pocket Treehouse Play set to review. I have to admit when it comes to toys with little animals or characters I know without a doubt my daughter will love it.

  Sylvia has always loved collecting little characters and when she saw this play set she was super excited and had a lot of fun. The Jungle In My Pocket Tree house is a lovely toy. It came with a tree house, a waterfall, monkey swing, wooden log and teeter-totter.

The Jungle In My Pocket Treehouse play set included 3 animals. Sylvia was also sent 2 blind bags which had further animals in and she was super excited to open these and see what was inside.

We are fans of blindbags and being able to collect more jungle animals is really awesome. I have to say Sylvia has loved playing with this toy set. She set it up in her room and it’s not been left alone all week. She has been very busy with it and has managed to set it up with other toys she has at home.

Sylvia’s favourite Jungle figure is the Lion. The play set is aimed at children ages 3 to 8 and retails in stores for #24.99. The pocket blind bags cost #2.49 which is around the price you’d expect for a child’ blind bag.

I think this is a fun toy and love that it can be added to over time. Sylvia really likes her new Jungle Treehouse play set and she gave it a 10 out of 10.

Angela x

*We were sent this item for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.