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Julian Bowen Midsleeper The Children’s Bed Shop

My daughter’s Julian Bowen Midsleeper bed arrived last week from the Children’s Bed Shop and we are so super excited to share our bed review and thoughts.

Finding a good quality kids bed was really important for me which is why we have waited some time to find the right bed for Sylvia. I really hope you enjoy our review.

Delivery Of The Julian Bowen Midsleeper

Sylvia’s new midsleeper bed was delivered from The Children’s Bed Shop. You can simply look online and order your bed and the delivery is free to any uk mainland address.

Once we had placed our order for the bed, we received an email and phone call to organise the delivery date and a time slot for our bed.

This was super useful as I knew exactly when the bed would arrive. It was a 2 hour time slot and this meant I could still go about my week as normal.

The bed was delivered without any problems. The bed was transported in strong cardboard and there was no damage to the bed upon arrival.


Building The Julian Bowen Midsleeper

Building the Julian Bowen midsleeper bed was quite a challenge. We began by getting all the pieces out and my husband followed the instructions.

John began to build the bed in the evening and it did take him several hours to complete. I think this is because the bed comes with so many pieces. It was a little longer than we expected, however we have never built a midsleeper before, only a small single bed.

Although it took some time, this only has to happen once and if we ever need to move the bed in future it will much much quicker. It was certainly worth the wait. Sylvia was so pleased once her midsleeper was ready.


The Quality of the Julian Bowen Midsleeper

The Julian Bowen midsleeper is really good quality. The wood is made from lacquered pine and MDF and has a smooth feel to it.

We really like the colour which is grey. You can purchase this bed in white but I prefer grey as it will keep cleaner longer.

The midsleeper bed is fabulous quality for the price and I was really impressed. The bed takes a 90 by 190cm mattress which was just what we needed.

One thing I love about this bed is that there is an option to removed the ladder and legs and split the bed into a single bed in future.

For now the midsleeper is just perfect, it creates space in Sylvia’s small bedroom which has helped make the area much more versatile.

The bed is 196cm in length, 104 cm wise and 121 cm high. This is just right for Sylvia’s room as she has a low ceiling with roof bars. Therefore a Midsleeper is just right rather than a bunk bed for our requirements.

Items Available With The Julian Bowen Midsleeper

The Julian Bowen Midsleeper can be ordered on it’s own or with a new mattress and a tent. We already had a good quality mattress and did not need this at this time but it’s good to know you can get a bundle from The Children’s Bed Shop if required.

The Julian Bowen Midsleeper comes with the option of a really awesome tent. This costs £40 and comes in pink or blue with stars on the material. The tent makes the section underneath the bed into a private den area and that is pretty cool.

We were only reviewing the actual midsleeper bed and not the tent section, however I can see how exciting the tent would be for the owner of the bed.

The section under the bed has two shelves which Sylvia quickly filled with her important things and she now has an awesome fun hang out section under her bed. She is really pleased.

The Midsleeper comes with a one year manufacturers guarantee.


Sylvia’s Thoughts About Her New Julian Bowen Children’s Bed

Sylvia loves her new bed. When she was sleeping on the floor she would try to come into my room and hang on my bed. Now she has her own unique and “cool” bed, we have had no issues and she has had a good nights sleep four nights days in a row. She really does love the bed.

My daughter has also had her friends come to visit and see her new bed and they are all impressed and love it.

I’m really pleased we waited for the right bed to come along as this is perfect for my tween and will last many years with the option to make it into a single bed when Sylvia is older.

We really love this new midsleeper bed. You can buy the Julian Bowen midsleeper, mattress and tent for the special price of £299 from The Children’s Bedshop. It’s great quality and feels really smooth. The bed looks great and is great for a child tween and even teenager.

We were sent this bed for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own and we are really pleased with the quality of the new bed.