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A New Journal To Record My Weight Loss Musings

It’s week seven of my Weight Watchers Journey and yesterday I missed my weigh in for the first time. After going to London my body has been in recovery mode. I have been a a bit of pain and exhausted. It’s like someone with fibromyalgia having a flare up or chronic fatigue burning out after doing something physical.

I guess when I stay home all week I can muster up the strength to attend my weight loss meeting but when I go out and about it’s another story. Not to worry, I am going to keep going and will hopefully be ready to weigh in next week.

So this week has been a little tricky. I was really good with my points until I went to London. Then I decided I would continue to count but enjoy myself on my night out with Ana De Jesus my London Blogging friend.

So, we went to a restaurant and had the tastiest pizza, guilt free and I loved it. I have to be honest I was in shock when I returned home and the scales showed me back at my starting weight. Yes, I had apparently regained everything I lost since I started my Journey 7 weeks ago. I was dismayed.

I talked to John my hubby and surely one pizza did not cause me to regain 9 lbs? According to my scales it did. We discussed things and maybe I have gained water as well. I was on extra steroid medication quiet a bit last week so that could have played a part but I did feel pretty rubbish.

For me I can gain weight so fast when I eat bread and carbs and maybe the pizza did just that. So the question is how do I need with this upsetting news?

5 yeas ago I would have felt, stuff it, I quit, why bother eating healthy for 6 weeks only to be back at the same weight from one pizza. It does not make sense. This time I am looking on the positive side.

If I had not lost 9 lbs and had gained 9lbs, I would be over the 19 stone weight bracket, feeling miserable and down but I am where I started 7 weeks ago and weighing in at 18.3 so yes I lost 9 lbs and gained 9 lbs which is crazy and does not make sense but I am not bigger and that is the key.

Well the good news is that I am going to keep going and keep working at this despite my health problems. I’m not quitting because of one stinky episode of regain.

The good news is I have been sent a new Journal form the New Romantics Journal range at Paperblanks. I’m really excited. I am going to be physically recording my foods into this new journal each day and keeping a new record of the foods I eat and the steps I take. I do like to use my fit bit and iphone but there is just something better about having a physical journal.

I’ll also be recording my thoughts, positive quotes and phrases to keep me motivated. I’m really excited about this. I am a huge fan of Journals. I’ve been keeping one since I was 16 and this new romantics journal is going to be a great one to add to the collection.

I think writing down how I feel will help me stay focussed and when I do have a blip like this week, I will just get back up and keep going. I hope my scales are wrong and it’s water retention or something but we shall see when I weigh in next week.

Angela x