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A New Journal To Record My Weight Loss Musings


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A New Journal To Record My Weight Loss Musings

It’s week seven of my Weight Watchers Journey and yesterday I missed my weigh in for the first time. After going to London my body has been in recovery mode. I have been a a bit of pain and exhausted. It’s like someone with fibromyalgia having a flare up or chronic fatigue burning out after doing something physical.

I guess when I stay home all week I can muster up the strength to attend my weight loss meeting but when I go out and about it’s another story. Not to worry, I am going to keep going and will hopefully be ready to weigh in next week.

So this week has been a little tricky. I was really good with my points until I went to London. Then I decided I would continue to count but enjoy myself on my night out with Ana De Jesus my London Blogging friend.

So, we went to a restaurant and had the tastiest pizza, guilt free and I loved it. I have to be honest I was in shock when I returned home and the scales showed me back at my starting weight. Yes, I had apparently regained everything I lost since I started my Journey 7 weeks ago. I was dismayed.

I talked to John my hubby and surely one pizza did not cause me to regain 9 lbs? According to my scales it did. We discussed things and maybe I have gained water as well. I was on extra steroid medication quiet a bit last week so that could have played a part but I did feel pretty rubbish.

For me I can gain weight so fast when I eat bread and carbs and maybe the pizza did just that. So the question is how do I need with this upsetting news?

5 yeas ago I would have felt, stuff it, I quit, why bother eating healthy for 6 weeks only to be back at the same weight from one pizza. It does not make sense. This time I am looking on the positive side.

If I had not lost 9 lbs and had gained 9lbs, I would be over the 19 stone weight bracket, feeling miserable and down but I am where I started 7 weeks ago and weighing in at 18.3 so yes I lost 9 lbs and gained 9 lbs which is crazy and does not make sense but I am not bigger and that is the key.

Well the good news is that I am going to keep going and keep working at this despite my health problems. I’m not quitting because of one stinky episode of regain.

The good news is I have been sent a new Journal form the New Romantics Journal range at Paperblanks. I’m really excited. I am going to be physically recording my foods into this new journal each day and keeping a new record of the foods I eat and the steps I take. I do like to use my fit bit and iphone but there is just something better about having a physical journal.

I’ll also be recording my thoughts, positive quotes and phrases to keep me motivated. I’m really excited about this. I am a huge fan of Journals. I’ve been keeping one since I was 16 and this new romantics journal is going to be a great one to add to the collection.

I think writing down how I feel will help me stay focussed and when I do have a blip like this week, I will just get back up and keep going. I hope my scales are wrong and it’s water retention or something but we shall see when I weigh in next week.

Angela x



  1. Definitely don’t get discouraged! Of course you know there is no possible way a pizza could make anyone gain 9lbs! So don’t be too hard on yourself! Your health creates some extra challenges, but you are so right, you’re still better off than you would have been had you not started this journey! And think of all you’re learning too! Good luck with the new journal! There is something so exciting about a fresh new journal!

    1. Thanks Michelle. That’s what I thought. I know my meds have been doubled quite a bit but still. This journal should help me track even better though and keep positive!

  2. I find it hard to believe that one pizza would have had this effect on you. I would be willing to bet that being on the steroid medication has much more to do with this little setback. Don’t let it get you down, just keep going. You’ve got this!

  3. Congratulations on the positive attitude! I, too, am trying to lose weight. Not only because I weight 150 pounds more than I should and not only because I need the lose for my heart and my diabetes but because I want to be able to move easier. You can do it, I can do it – it is just a process of ups and downs and many things can change those numbers. Such as your digestive system may be off since traveling, maybe the scale has been moved or like you said water weight that is an easy one. Like you said it could be that pizza but most likely not. I go in April for my 1st appointment since October. I’m praying I’m under 300 even 1 pound under for my mental positiveness.

  4. Writing a journal is really a great idea. Never tought of writing my weight loss record. This sounds a really good idea.

  5. I can understand your frustration. However, it is important that you keep going. I have experienced that too, and got discouraged. It threw me off track but then I realized that it is not going to make me healthy and fit so I went back and started from scratch. Thankfully, I was able to reach my goal. I suffer from chronic illness too and keeping a healthy weight is a must. Wishing you all the best!

  6. It’s not always the scale that tells what’s going on. I keep track of measurements too. If you add them to your notebook, you may see some numbers go down even when the scale doesn’t change. Your journal is a great way to keep accountable. Plus, it’s so pretty!

  7. It’s hard to stay positive when you gain back weight you’ve lost, but don’t be hard on yourself. Eating some pizza can’t cause you to gain 9 lbs so don’t get discouraged. Keep up the good work and I’m sure you will start to see the scale move in the direction you want.

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