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Jord has a worldwide reputation for manufacturing luxurious wooden watches. Recently we received a Jord Frankie Koa and Ash wooden watch as an early birthday present for my husband.

Jord Frankie Wooden Watch with a packaging cushion

Jord Frankie Series Wooden Watches

This is the ‘Jord Frankie’ with the Koa and Ash wooden finish. It is a battery-operated watch and the battery lasts for 2 years. The Jord Koa and Ash wood finish was my husband’s favourite colour from the ‘Frankie series’.

'Jord Frankie' with the Koa and Ash wooden finish

The Jord Frankie Series Box Contents

What is in the box of the Jord Frankie Series watch? As you open your watch you are greeted with an elegant watch with a glistening finish. Within the box is a microfibre cloth, with your watch instructions and touch up pen, which contains a preservative for your watch strap.

Jord Frankie Wooden Watch in its wooden box

Another great aspect of the wooden box is the ring draw at the bottom and a great place to store your wedding band/ jewellery at bedtime.

Is The Jord Frankie Wooden Watch Waterproof?

Is the Jord Frankie, Koa and Ash wooden watch waterproof? The short answer is No. They are splash proof and although there is a warranty on your new watch. You will be limited on the extent of the damage will be, should you get your watch wet and it fails to work.

Simplistic Jord Watch Wooden Design

I love the simple and elegant design of this Jord Watch. my husband really does love it and was super excited to try it on. In fact, John was so pleased with the style and hasn’t taken his new watch off since trying it on. I didn’t get a chance to wrap it up!

Jord Frankie Wooden Watch ring draw

Protecting Your Jord Watch Strap

As you go about wearing your Jord Watch each day. You can also protect the wooden strap by using the protective solution, which is enclosed within the plastic sealed pack, which came with your watch.

Jord Frankie with the Koa and Ash Front face

If you watch as a whole gets wet on the surface from normal splashes of water, then you can just wipe it with the cloth you received with your watch.

Jord Frankie with the Koa and Ash Strap

For prolonged life and care of your watch, it would be advisable for you to take your watch off before you do the dishes, or wash your hands and face in the morning or bedtime.

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