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Jooki Jukebox For Kids – This is a sponsored post!

A few weeks ago, Sylvia and I were sent a Jooki Kids music player to review here on The Inspiration Edit. My family loves music and having a kids jukebox to test out was really exciting.

Jooki The Smart Player

Today we are sharing our experience using the Jooki wireless speaker and showing you exactly how the Jooki Jukebox works.

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What Is Jooki?

Jooki in a nutshell is a wireless speaker which allows children to listen to and choose music in a screen free environment. Parents can upload music to the Jooki speaker, creating playlists to store on a SD card as well as having an option to live stream music using Spotify.

Jooki The Smart Player

One thing I love about the Jooki is that it can play audiobooks in addition to music. Story telling and listening to audio books is a great way to help develop children’s literacy and the Jooki is a fantastic resource for helping kids to develop their imagination and basic listening skills.

Does The Jooki Need Batteries?

The Jooki wireless speaker does not require regular batteries. In fact the Jooki system comes with a rechargeable battery which is charged using an electrical plug.

Jooki The Smart Player

The Jooki has an average battery life of 8 hours when playing music from a playlist. This battery life may reduce when using streaming services such as Spotify.

What Does The Jooki look like?

The Jooki Wireless speaker is a square shape with curved edges. The Jooki is designed in a way that it looks visually appealing and is practical at the same time.

Jooki The Smart Player

The Jooki wireless speaker is orange and blue in colour and has a strong strap for handling and moving. That’s right, this kids jukebox is wireless and can be used at home but all whilst out and about. You can even take it on road trips so the kids have something to do whilst travelling in the car.

Is The Jooki Waterproof?

Whilst the Jooki box can not be submerged in water it is designed to be splashproof. This means if there is a spill, you can wipe the Jooki box without worrying about damage.

How Does The Jooki Work?

The Jooki has four main buttons on the top of the jukebox. The first button is the power button which is required for using the Jooki and for charging the battery.

Jooki The Smart Player

The other three buttons on top of the Jooki are control buttons, to fast forward, rewind and control the volume.

The most exciting and fun part about Jooki however is the cute characters that children can place on top of the Jooki box.

The Jooki Characters and Tokens

What’s really cool about this wireless speaker/ Juke box is that the Jooki comes with 5 colourful characters or tokens.

Parents can connect the Jooki to a free app where they can assign a playlist, song from spotify, music from the SD card, a web radio or a specific song to play.

Jooki The Smart Player

This means that children can make choices about the music, songs, audiobooks they want to listen to, whilst parents have full control of the options protecting little ones and older kids from inappropriate music and keeping the Jooki safe for kids.

I personally prefer to give gifts that have educational aspects to them and items which are not going to break or end up in a pile on the floor. This is a great gift idea for any child.

Jooki Our Review

What we love about Jooki is that the wireless speaker is super versatile. It is strong and robust and ready to withstand bumps and spills which make occur when being used by a child.

The Jooki is fun and allows children to make choices with ease. This kids juke box is empowering for kids and encourages decision making whilst having fun.

Jooki The Smart Player

The tokens and characters are colourful and fun and the Jooki is really a great option for streaming and playing music at home and while out and about.

Whilst the tokens and characters are a great idea, a parent may need to keep an eye on these to ensure they don’t get lost and that the tokens are readily accessible for using with this Jooki box.

There are options to purchase additional tokens for the Jooki speaker and parents can easily control, add and remove music using the free Jooki app.

How Much Does The Jooki Cost?

The Jooki currently costs around £159 and can be purchased from a number of stores including as well as online from Amazon. In the USA Jooki costs around $200

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Is The Jooki A Good Gift Idea?

Yes! I think so. The Jooki would make a fantastic birthday or Christmas present for any child and is something that would last a long time and be very practical and entertaining for kids.

We were sent the Jooki for review and all thoughts and opinions are my own!