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Joie Elevate Car Seat Review Kiddies Kingdom

Today we have a review by Adeline Barros, one of the regular reviewers here on The Inspiration Edit. Adeline is a great friend of mine and has 6 children. Getting a new car seat was much needed and I’m pleased to share Adeline’s review or the Joie Elevate Group 1/2/3 car seat from Kiddies Kingdom.

Kiddies Kingdom has Yorkshires largest baby and nursery showroom and is based in Dewsbury the town where my husband John grew up. There are thousands or products to see. Kiddies Kingdom also have a fantastic online service and offer next day deliveries on any items ordered. Enjoy our review.

Joie Elevate Group 1/2/3 Car Seat

I received a children’s car seat from Kiddies Kingdom last week. The Joie Elevate car seat is of the groups 1/2/3. I was thrilled because this car seat covers all of my 6 children’s ages. It goes up to 12 years of age, from 9 to 36 kg! So I could technically use the car seat for any my kids : my  18 month old twins, my toddler who is 3, my 6 and 8 year old boys, and even my daughter who has just turned 11!

The Joie Elevate Car seat is very flexible, especially for the older kids (groups 2 and 3). I could choose to keep the back part of the seat, only removing the harness and extending the headrest manually. I love the fact that for each of the 10 different headrest positions, the harness system would adjust simultaneously! Alternatively, I could decide to just use the booster seat. It’s nice to have the choice, specially with pre-teenagers!

I first used the seat last Sunday, putting one of my baby twins in it as ” group 1 seat tester ” : I found it very easy to securely fasten the seat belt to the car and then the 5 point harness around Baby. It only needed a bit of adjustment and took 5 minutes in total, great ! The Joie Elevate Car seat is a very classical and easy to use car seat so no surprises or questioning on how to fasten everything together.

When I finished, Baby had a big smile on his face. He seemed very comfortable. I liked the easy maintenance side of things too, as the fabric cover is black and machine washable. The main thing I love about the car seat is that I know any of my kids will be very safe sitting in it.

The full side impact protection parts really impressed me, as it shields the child from head to hips.

The integrated cupholder is a nice extra but why only one and not one on each side ? Lots of other seats have 2 cup holders which is very convenient for drinks, but also finger food and favourite toy cars ! At the end of the day I love the new car seat and it is going to be well used by my children. It’s certainly a great car seat to use across all ages and I’m really pleased to have this is my car.


*This car seat was sent for the purpose of review*