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From antique heirlooms to brand-new statement pieces, jewellery is special to the wearer. Some items remain classics, and there’s something about the pieces we choose to wear that give our entire look that very special touch.

Here are a few jewellery hacks that are sure to change the way you take care of your pieces!

  • Baby Oil or Powder Helps Detangle Jewellery

How many hours have you spent untangling chains and necklaces? Probably a fair few! So, you know just what a struggle this is. Suffer no longer with this handy hack – sprinkle baby oil or baby powder over a necklace and it should make it slippery enough to untangle!

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  • Clean Your Silver with Ketchup

Silver just seems to attract dirt, doesn’t it? It’s so quick to turn black and tarnished-looking if you don’t take regular care of it. The good news is blackened silver is not ready for the rubbish heap. Rather than buying costly polishes, it’s time to grab the ketchup. The delicious red stuff is the secret ingredient to magically giving your silver pieces back their shine.

  • Easy Earring Holders

You probably have a tin full of useless buttons lying around, don’t you? Put them to good use by slipping your earring into the buttonholes and making sure you never lose an earring again.

  • Use Pill Boxes for Smaller Pieces

Buying jewellery is pretty addictive, especially when it comes to accessories like rings and smaller stud earrings. Storing them can be a nightmare, too, as it’s just so easy to lose the tiniest pieces. So, keep your items safe by organising them in a weekly pill box.

8 Jewellery Hacks To Brighten Up Your Pieces

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  • Paper Clips Keep Bracelets Fastened

Putting a bracelet on your own wrist can get frustrating quickly, especially when it takes several attempts to fasten a clasp. Ditch all the fuss and grab a paper clip the next time you want to put on a bracelet and there’s no one around to help. Hook an end of the clip to the bracelet and hold it until you fasten the bracelet around your wrist.

  • Sellotape Solution

Another great hack for bracelets that won’t clip on is to use Sellotape. Stick an end of the bracelet on your wrist with Sellotape and then clip it on minus the hassle. Just remember to slowly peel off the tape so you don’t take your arm hairs with it.

  • Dunk Diamonds in Vodka

Diamonds seem to be big culprits when it comes to attracting dust and dirt. You can make your diamond jewellery sparkle again by soaking it in a glass of vodka for a quick minute. Then, rinse well, pat dry and enjoy that shine!

  • Pamper Your Pearls

Pearls are certainly precious to their owners, so they’re well worth a pampering session every now and then, don’t you think? Instead of soaking your pearls in water, use a clean eye shadow brush dipped in warm water and a spot of shampoo to gently clean your pearls. Then, use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe the stones clean. Lay them flat and blow dry using the cold setting on a hair dryer.

how to clean pearls

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These 8 jewellery hacks will help prolong the lifetime of your jewellery and keep them sparkling like new!