Jealous Jaws Jealousy in Abusive Relationships

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Jealous Jaws

Jealousy in Abusive Relationships

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Chapter Two

Jealous Jaws

Jealousy In Abusive Relationships.

Jealousy can be a common problem within relationships and marriages. The truth is that Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and distrust. When one is jealous, they tend to behave in extreme and untrusting ways. The Jealous partner may get upset when their loved one is only a few minutes late, they will question their other half or ring and text them until they arrive home.
Jealous partners might get upset when their spouse or boyfriend simply talks to a member of the opposite sex. In extreme cases, a Jealous Jaws will accuse his or her partner of begin unfaithful, cheating or having an affair, without any proof or evidence of such a thing. They may become controlling, monitoring everything their partners does, not allowing them to leave home or go anywhere without them.

When a spouse acts or behaves in a way that shows Jealousy, the other partner can become overwhelmed, frustrated and quite possibly feel helpless. No matter what you do, where you go or how you act, the jealous partner will send the message ”I don’t trust you”. This can be very upsetting and hurtful. When a partner acts upon their unjustified suspicions, behaving in an untrusting or controlling manner, this can cause the victim to doubt themselves, feel trapped and desperately miserable.

False accusations and Jealousy within a relationship is unjustified and the reality is that the jealous partner or spouse has insecurity and trust issues. An insecure person may not feel good enough for his or her partner. Such low self-esteem can spur them on to believe or feel that their partner does not love them and is seeking someone else that is better they are.

Likewise, men and woman who have experienced an unfaithful partner in the past may struggle to trust their current partner or spouse, worrying and stressing that what has happened before will happen again. In such a case, the jealous partner may need counselling or help to overcome unresolved issues from their previous relationship so that their current one can grow in love and trust.

Jealously within a relationship can be a very dangerous thing. In fact one often uses jealousy to justify the constant control of their partner. Jealously can lead to a partner controlling, isolating, and limiting what the other can and cannot do. For example, who you are friends with, who you can and can’t talk to and where you may go. Jealousy can lead to physical abuse, and even death of a partner.

As a university student in New Zealand, I was chosen for jury duty for a three-week murder trial. In this case the defendant was a husband who had shot his wife dead at point blank range. After hearing the evidence we found the defendant guilty. As terrible the crime was the truth of the matter was that the husband had serious jealousy issues and had committed the crime in a jealous rage.

An early warning sign of Jealousy during dating can be the girlfriend or boyfriend who takes curiosity to another level. For example the type of partner who eavesdrops, answers your phone when it rings, looks over your shoulder while you check your emails and wants to know where you’ve been, who with and what you did. One should be aware of the girl or boyfriend who cannot accept the fact that you have had a life prior to meeting them and who may have trust issues at the beginning of the relationship.

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