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Is Your Garden Okay to Visit During The Current Lockdown

Coronavirus has taken over the world. You are not to make contact with any other human regardless of where you are. Everyone is in isolation, yearning for freedom, and gardening is an escape from solitary confinement. 

This leads to an important question: Is it okay to visit your garden during this lockdown? The answer is yes as long as you take the right measures. The garden is for you and your family, not outsiders. 

Currently, the garden is the closest thing to paradise the world can offer.

Things To Do in Your Garden

Mowing The Grass

Mow the lawn constantly to keep the surface clean. Do so especially if you have pets who go outside frequently. The lawnmower is a mechanical marvel right now. It trims the surface of grass that pets and people constantly come in contact with.


Now is the perfect time for reseeding the lawn. Be sure not to make contact with anyone while you are getting the seeds. There are stores that deliver seeds straight to your doorstep.

 You can also consider using seeds from vegetables and fruits that you eat at home. It is much safer than buying from any store or getting delivery.

Removing Weeds From Your Garden

De-weeding will keep your plants healthy. The time you spend plucking weeds gives you time to reflect and relax.

Pruning and Trimming

Pruning and trimming your bushes and trees keep your garden looking beautiful. You can sculpt forms from imagination or just keep things uniform. If you have some large trees or stumps to remove then you could hire professional tree doctors at to help out and get that garden looking just right. 

Waste Disposal

Mowing the lawn, trimming, and pruning leaves a mess. However, now is not a good time to dispose of them. Because waste removal involves going outside. Don’t take that risk and instead be innovative with the trimmings.

You can turn the trimmings into nutritious plant food with only a bucket of water. Just gather all the trimmings and put them into the bucket of water. Then let it stay in there for a week. 

The water will absorb the nutrients of the decomposing trimmings. Now you can use this to water your plants. The rich water will make a huge difference in the health of your garden.

Don’t Forget Your House Plants

Water your plants regularly so that they grow nice and strong. Watering plants are like feeding your child and can invoke a similar motherly feeling.

Innovative Ways to Beautify Your Garden

Now that you have a lot of time, you can decorate your garden like you’ve dreamt of. Be creative and try to figure out ways beyond this list to beautify your garden.

Stack Crates to Make Vertical Gardens

Crates make amazing vertical gardens if you stack them one on top of another. But make sure that you attach the crates to the wall or fences behind it. After all, you don’t want them to topple over and ruin your hard work.

Peg Boards for a Hanging Garden

Peg boards for holding clothing are awesome for hanging pots full of lush plants. Just fasten the peg board to the garden wall or fence, then hang the pots. 

Make Paths out of Bricks

An old brick path will transform your garden into an adventure to be. It’s a great addition if you plan to hang framed art or photos in your garden.

Make a Birdhouse and Bath

Transform an old dollhouse into a birdhouse and bath or make one using wood. A DIY woodworking project will be really fun. However, if you don’t have wood lying around, then use things you find in your house.

Make Your Garden an Outdoor Exhibition Gallery

Hang your favorite photos and artwork in beautiful frames on the garden wall and fences. Just make sure that the nails that you drill in or hammer into are equidistant.

Benefits of Gardening

Stress Relief

Gardening relieves stress and anxiety. The lush green bodies and scattering of colorful flowers demand love. And when you start loving them, they love you back.

Good For Physical Health

Daytime visits to the garden are great for your health, too. All the fresh oxygen that your plants produce is like fresh milk for a newborn baby.

Good For Mental Health

You feel good when you go to your garden and let go of all the bad energy and frustration you may be carrying with you. People with mental disorders of different kinds benefit greatly from exposure to plants. We all need this during our current lockdown.

Improves Gardening and Decoration Skills

This lockdown is a great opportunity for Youtube tutorials on gardening to enhance your skills. Before you know it, you will turn into a master in decorating nature.

Bonding With Family Members

The garden is a magnificent place to bond with your family. Go out there and have some fun with the people who love you.

Having Fun With Your Kids 

Those poor kids are going out of their minds indoors, and explaining the coronavirus to them is not an easy task. It’s up to you to give them the joy they are missing out on. Gardening might help add some fun to their lives.

Spending Time With the Elderly

Take a comfortable chair from inside the house and place it in your garden. Next, call your grandparents and ask for life stories. You never know when her soul will fade to the next world. 

Sneak in Time for Romance

If the kids have taken over the house and you can’t find time for a kiss, the garden awaits. Just watch out for the plants if things heat up!

Parting thoughts

Stay safe wherever you are because the world needs you. Protect your family and get clever quickly. The coronavirus is no fool and won’t pick and choose its victims as people do.

Know that you are beautiful and worth an endless amount of love. Your garden is a rough reflection of who you are. However, you need to put in the time and effort to form the mirror.