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An Invitation to Buckingham Palace

buckingham palace

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An Invitation to Buckingham Palace

We went to Buckingham Palace and it was an incredible event. I wanted to share this lovely photo of Sylvia and I outside the palace. I love it. Such a happy photo!


I recently wrote to Buckingham Palace and requested permission to visit the palace with my daughter Sylvia as she happens to be a descendent of the Tongan Royal Family.

To my surprise we were invited to make a formal application and this was subsequently approved. We had a magical time and were picked up at the front gate in a little white cart. We rode past the guards and into the quadrant near the Royal State Rooms.

Everyone behind the gates watched as Sylvia waved as if we were royalty and squealed with excitement, “I’m a princess, “I’m a princess”. It was so funny! I will be writing all about our visit in the coming week. We had a wonderful time. The Queen is on holiday but we had a wonderful tour of the State Rooms.

Angela x



    1. Thanks Tracey. I really enjoyed my day but my daughter found it the most exciting and I think she will remember it for the rest of her life…the one time we went to Buckingham Palace! Angela xx

    1. Yes Fiona, It was awesome and there is so much to tell but no pictures of the inside..we had so much fun and my lucky husband got to push me around all day…he was exhausted! We had a great time though and learnt a lot we never knew! Angela xx

  1. Wow! How exciting, I get excited while reading and looking at your photo. Yay! Can’t wait for your blog post about it. xx

    1. Yes we made it to London and I managed ok with my hubby pushing me in the wheelchair. I just hopped out of the chair for a few pictures as I prefer photos not in a wheelchair if i can possibly manage! Angela xx

  2. Wow a trip to the palace, it sounds amazing! Can’t wait to read all about it! Great photo, it looks like you are having the time of your lives!x

    1. We did have a great time. The Expedition in the state rooms is open to the public at the moment so anyone can go and visit – but it does cost a bit of money to enter. Angela xx

    1. It was a lovely experience. I’m going to get my daughter to write a journal entry about it so she can keep the memory and maybe even share it with her school! Angela x

    1. Yes…she felt really special riding past the guards and getting a special dress and a special name badge. She really did feel excited and we learnt so much about the Queen and what goes on at the Palace! Angela xx Thanks for commenting Veera!

    1. I guess it never came up in conversation Mary lol! Sylvy is a direct descendent of the Kings of Tonga through her biological grandmother’s line! She is not a descendent of the current King but not too far back in the generations is a King of Tonga and then the family tree goes on and on and on, king after king after king. I’m sure she will find it very interesting when she is older! I have a copy of her family tree for when she is interested! Angela xx

    1. Thanks Victoria. We did have fun- my health is suffering now but sometimes I have to sacrifice for my daughter to be able to have a semi-normal life and do nice things rather than staying in bed all day! Angela x

  3. Aw, she looks so excited in the photo. I bet this was a very special day for her, and sounds like they made it a really special occasion, with the cart and everything. #pointshoot

    1. Thankyou. My daughter was full of smiles most of the day… except when we first arrived and she threw up from travel sickness- i guess we have to take the bad with the good! lol Angela xx

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