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An Invitation to Buckingham Palace

We went to Buckingham Palace and it was an incredible event. I wanted to share this lovely photo of Sylvia and I outside the palace. I love it. Such a happy photo!


I recently wrote to Buckingham Palace and requested permission to visit the palace with my daughter Sylvia as she happens to be a descendent of the Tongan Royal Family.

To my surprise we were invited to make a formal application and this was subsequently approved. We had a magical time and were picked up at the front gate in a little white cart. We rode past the guards and into the quadrant near the Royal State Rooms.

Everyone behind the gates watched as Sylvia waved as if we were royalty and squealed with excitement, “I’m a princess, “I’m a princess”. It was so funny! I will be writing all about our visit in the coming week. We had a wonderful time. The Queen is on holiday but we had a wonderful tour of the State Rooms.

Angela x