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Internet Safety For Kids. Are Your Children Safe?

Internet Safety For Kids

Internet Safety For Kids

*This is a collaborative post. When I was a child I loved to play on my grandmother’s computer. There was no internet, just my favourite adventure game where I had to collect lollipops and ice creams to gain points. Fast forward 25 years, the world has changed. Our Kids are spending more time online and as a result parents need to be careful to ensure our children are safe.

Internet Safety For Kids

My daughter is 9 years old and she regularly speaks to me in computer language. Her favourite game is Animal Jam where she regularly interacts with other players. Sylvia will pop to the bathroom and say BRB mum. We might share a joke and Sylvia will say LOL. It’s so strange and foreign to me to hear my child using these phrases but that’s the influence of the online world.

Sylvia inherited my first tablet when she was six years old. I invested in a phone and so she began took over the ipad mini. We had fun games and learning activities, access to Netflix and google available. By the time my daughter was seven she was using youtube and at first I didn’t add any parental controls!

Sylvia started looking up kids unboxing videos. She loved Kinder egg unboxing and watching Disney princess videos. I always got Sylvia to sit next to me as she watched youtubers and vlogs and I thought I was ding great. That was until I heard dodgy music and sounds and took a good look.

My daughter has stumbled upon Adult women dressed up as Disney princesses, singing and dancing provocatively and it was just not appropriate. I couldn’t believe it but it there again, in today’s world I could.

I spoke to my husband about internet safety and we added parental controls youtube and the rest of the ipad. We also did this once Sylvia started using the computer for homework and have also added parental controls to the online tv subscription we have.

One way to keep your child safe while on the internet is to use the Kaspersky SAFE KIDS app. Using an app to prevent inappropriate content can both protect ur kids and give us peace of mind as parents.

According to a Kaspersky study of more than 5000 kids aged 10-15, over two thirds of children had heard bad language on the internet and one third had witnessed violence. Even worse and more alarming is the fact 1 quarter of children that took part in the research had been exposed to pornography online.

As parents, it’s so important for us to create rules regarding internet and computer use. It’s important to protect 0ur children and this can be done by downloading the Kaspersky Safe Kids App. From as little as 1 pound per month, you can install Kids Safe on an unlimited number of home devices.

The Kaspersky Safe Kids App can block sites, filter search engines and also protect against pesky in-app purchases. Even better, the app has the ability to monitor the sites your child accesses so you can check how they are spending their time.

I will continue to have a rule in my home, that internet use is to be in the same room as an adult but having a Kids Safe app to add that extra protection can sure bring peace of mind to any parent and keep children safe from the nasties that are out there.

Angela x


    1. It is dangerous but I think there is good and bad in everything and we have to take the good and avoid the bad. If we don’t let them use it at all then they could miss out on many benefits.

  1. The internet can be a wonderful tool if used properly, and I honestly think it’s about educating children from the off about the dangers and what a horrible place it can potentially be. Growing up I was watched like a hawk but gradually my parents eased off as I showed them I could be responsible. I’ll be doing the same with my children too when they’re old enough to start using the internet. The app sounds fab and it’ll be good to see how it develops over the next couple of years xx

  2. This app does sound good. We let Ben watch the Kids Youtube which he definitely prefers to normal youtube as it’s so much more user friendly. I do worry about what he might stumble upon though.

  3. There’s some really useful and interesting information in this. My 6 year old loves YouTube and gets very carried away with watching toy reviews and unboxing videos. But I’m always aware I need to monitor her when she’s on there, and make sure she’s using the Kids YouTube and not accidentally logged into an unfiltered adult account. It can be a minefield can’t it?

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