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Interior Designs To Inspire Families

Isn’t it everybody’s dream to live in a home that not only provides comfort and nurture, but inspiration too? While shelter, warmth and a place to call our own are all important features of a family home, it’s also essential to create a space that’s going to appeal to everyone. Adults, as well as children, deserve to be inspired by their surroundings, and it’s never been easier to find that creative spark.


Five of the most inspirational interior design ideas

The attention you pay to your interior design, and the colour palettes, textures and styles that you choose, can go a long way towards inspiring your family. While it’s often difficult to find the time or inclination to get those paintbrushes and mood boards out, the finished result can inspire and impact your family in ways you’d never have imagined. I have adored rediscovering my passion for home interiors, and would love to share a few of the most inspiring interiors I have come across recently. Perhaps my post will, in turn, motivate you to finish those jobs you’ve never got around to.

Light, bright and breezy

Light colours inspire us because they are filled with potential. White is a blank canvas; the start of something incredible, and the calm before a storm of colour. While it’s tempting to stray from so-called boring shades of white, cream and grey when you first decide to redecorate, it’s important to remember that such tones are incredibly effective for creating a myriad of finishes throughout the home.

white room

White is crisp, clean and calming, and can be used alongside any colour you desire to create a look that’s both contemporary and comforting. In addition, white, beige, magnolia and grey are timeless – while families grow and tastes change, white never goes out of fashion. Besides, you could always introduce a little colour via a feature wall or accessories.

Bringing the outdoors in

What’s more inspirational than the great outdoors? While some trends and colour palettes come and go, interior designs inspired by nature are unlikely to age or fade in popularity. Getting closer to the natural world is something we can all aspire to, after all. Pantone’s colour predictions for 2017 reflect nature’s influence on interior design, with earthy Kale green, Hazelnut, Greenery and Primrose yellow all featuring in the top ten.


Try blending similar shades with natural fabrics, and accessories sourced from your garden and beyond for an interior that’s as wild as they come. If wielding a paintbrush isn’t enough, install decorative window shutters in communal areas, and allow the natural light to flood into your home. Your home will be refreshed during the warm summer months and insulated during the chill of winter, while you and your family will be able to control how the light enters your home.

Mixing and matching textures

Let’s forget colour palettes for a moment. Did you know that the textures you adorn your home with can be as inspiring as the shades and patterns you’ve chosen to reflect your personality? After all, who wants to spend their time in a home without light and shade, rough and smooth, or hot and cold? Textures allow us to differentiate between our spaces, and add personality, depth and warmth. What’s more, textured furniture and accessories are great tools for young children, enabling them to get to grips with their senses from those earliest moments. Who can say your home is not inspiring your child’s development? Adding texture as a design feature couldn’t be simpler; wherever you have wooden or stone floors, add warmth with a rug or carpet, and emphasise exposed brickwork with wooden beams. The opportunities are endless, and there are some amazing examples of textured interiors out there.

Loving a little vintage

Who is not inspired by stories from the past, preloved objects with interesting histories, or patterns made popular by colourful characters? Our obsession with everything vintage, shabby chic, retro and period is unlikely to perish anytime soon – there has never been a better time to incorporate a little of yesterday’s interior design into your family home. 


The best thing about vintage interior design is that there are no rules; by all means combine your love for antique furniture with shabby chic accessories, although you may not want to blend too many time periods in such a small space. Children growing up surrounded by vintage treasures may be able to tell you a tale or two about where such items have come from. What could be more fun than imagining colourful previous lives on a daily basis?

Pattern fantastic

Bold, bright, and funky patterns aren’t for everyone, but if you’d like to get creative with your home’s interior, they’re a great place to start. There’s a common misconception that a home filled with children should be one adorned with kaleidoscopes of bright colours, cheery prints, and explosions of contrasting shades. Patterns can certainly add to a sense of fun if you’re feeling brave. However, if you’re a little more reserved about these things, which many people are, there’s no reason why patterns shouldn’t still feature heavily in your interior design.

Rather than choosing bold wallpaper, why not opt for a single feature wall, or patterned accessories instead? You could also choose geometric prints and posters, or create borders adorned with shapes of every kind. Interior design is supposed to be fun and family-friendly.

Interior design is a personal endeavour, and should be treated as such. By all means, take inspiration from this blog post, Pinterest boards and Instagram images you come across, but always aim to decorate your home in a style that suits your family, and lights that spark of creativity in each and every member. Life would be incredibly boring if we were all inspired by the same things, after all.