Interior Design 101: Adding Luxury Pieces to Your Home

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When trying to add luxurious decorations to your home, you need to be careful. While any decoration can look great, it can quickly become tacky or gauche if it’s not placed correctly. That’s why we have several tips right here that should help you add luxury pieces to your home without overwhelming your décor.

It doesn’t matter what your decoration is, whether it’s a Rolex wall clock or a mounted art piece, and our tips should apply to both expensive and cheap objects. That said, most pieces considered “luxury” are more expensive and should get everybody’s attention, in a way that isn’t obnoxious.

1. Banish Clutter

Before you even think about adding any luxury pieces to your home, you need to maintain a minimalist décor style. If the room is cluttered, whether it’s intentional or not, then the individual pieces in your room will become less noticeable. A few luxury pieces in an uncluttered room will get more attention than an entire wall of luxury pieces in a noisy room.

It also just looks clean and tidy, with most decoration styles. Keep things simple and make sure that you have a dedicated room for paperwork and other items that tend to get left across the house.

2. Bring in Light

Along with a lack of clutter, many luxurious décor styles make use of light. They tend to be open, uncluttered, and brightly lit so that the entire space is visible and able to be appreciated. If the room is dim and hard to see, then how will people see the luxury pieces that you add to it?

Even if you don’t have much space, keeping it brightly lit makes it look bigger and draws more attention to your pieces. Unless you’re going for a very specific style, like a room that can be dimmed for watching TV, it’s best to use light to your advantage.

3. Use Neutral Tones

In most cases, a luxury piece will go better in a room that’s painted in neutral tones. Those are whites, browns, beiges, grays, blacks, and some dark blues. This is especially true if the luxury piece has color, so it attracts the eye once placed in the neutrally decorated room.

For variability, you should play with light instead. Paint walls in darker spaces light and then walls in lighter spaces dark, making sure to add more layers of paint for dark walls. By balancing the light profile of your room, maintaining an uncluttered environment, and then adding a luxury piece, it should become the highlight of the space.

4. Dress the Windows

In so many luxury spaces, the windows are some of the most decorated parts of the room. First, it helps if your windows are large enough to let natural light into the room, so you don’t have to create your own during the day.

Then, you should dress the windows so you can control how much light comes into every room. It also allows you to add a curtain rail, which can introduce texture and color into the room, along with making the room appear taller. While you can be more adventurous with the color of the curtains/window dressing, it’s better to keep the colors solid and not stray too far from your established color palette.

There are other ways to dress a window besides adding curtains, too. For example, adding wooden window trims is great for lightly decorated rooms, especially if the wood is treated to be gray or charcoal.

5. Get a Luxurious Rug

Lastly, you should make sure the floors support the luxury piece and the general luxurious décor that you’re trying for. A plush rug is great for this if redoing the floors isn’t an option. Adding one to the middle of a room ties it together and, if your luxury piece is right beside it, then more eyes are drawn to it.

Here are some rules to consider when placing a rug. If a rug is placed beneath a table and chairs, make sure it’s big enough to accommodate the chairs too. If it’s in the living room, the front legs of the furniture should sit on the rug.

6. Find a Stand Out Television

If you want to add a little pizazz to your home then you might want to purchase a quality television. Just before I married my husband, he invested in a brand new flat screen tv and it made our living room experience so much better than previously.

Choosing a good television can be a challenge, but if you know what to look for then it makes the decision much easier.

Your choice of tv will ultimately depend on your needs and how you plan to use it.For example, did you know that there are three types of televisions? You’ve got your traditional, standard-sized television sets.

You also have flat-screen televisions which are wider than they are tall and plasma televisions which are the biggest of all. Choosing between each option depends on what you will be watching mostly.

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When these five tips are combined in the same room, it should be the perfect environment to add luxury decoration pieces where they will be appreciated. It can also create a neutral, luxury environment even if you don’t have a fancy object to place in your home.

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