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Children Learn From How You Act

As you may have discovered I love writing and designing Quotes.

Here is my Parenting Quote for the Week.

Hope you like it.

Children Learn

I grew up learning from my mother. Mum taught us to read, write, cook, clean. She taught me everything I know and it was through her actions and not her words that I learnt. It really is true the quote above. You do learn from what people do. Sometimes this can be a negative experience rather than positive. It is down to us as parents to set a good example and be our best selfs to teach our children the best we can.

Some of the things I want to teach my daughter are:

To be humble

To have charity

To be honest

To work hard

To always do her best

To bounce back from rejection

To speak her mind

That it’s okay to cry and to have feelings

To love herself

I think if we act in the way we want our children to be then they will learn to act the same. If we act with low self esteem, with no confidence our kids may very well copy and become just like us. This is food for thought and something I hope to pay more attention to in the coming weeks.

Angela xx