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Innovative Ways to Use Images in Your Home

Innovative Ways to Use Images in Your Home

Decorating a home is a highly personal thing. We all want our homes to reflect our personalities, as well as be spaces that we feel comfortable in, and want to spend time enjoying. Fortunately, it is easier than it has ever been to put your mark on your home.

Gone are the days when your choice of wallpapers and paint was limited to what was available in your local DIY store. There is no longer much chance of your walking into your neighbour’s house and realising that they had decorated their living room almost the same way you have.

The emergence of new imaging and printing techniques mean that it is now easier than ever to decorate your home in a truly unique way. Read on, and you will see why that is. Below, are some new ideas of how you can use photographs and graphics to help you to give your house a fresh new look.

The perfect floor

I am going to start, in an odd place – the floor. Now I know you are all thinking she is mad, who uses images on their floors? Well the answer is surprisingly, virtually everyone does. If you have laminate flooring in your home you actually have a huge photo that is covered in a protective, transparent finish, covering your floors. That is why firms like the Discount Flooring Depot are able to offer literally hundreds of designs to their clients, in wood, stone or tile finishes.

If you want something truly unique, for example, to replicate the floor of the Salon de Embajadores, in The Alhambra, Granada, it is technically possible to do so. You just need some very, very good high-resolution images, to send to a firm that makes customised laminate flooring. Plus, of course, you would need permission from the right authorities, but potentially you can use images to create a fantastic, unique floor.

Striking wall decor ideas

It is also possible to use your photos to create unique wall stickers. Sites like this one, offer the service, in the UK, and there are suppliers in most other countries. If you do decide to go down this route, be careful to buy the type that can be removed when you are bored of them, without damaging your walls. You can also have your photographs turned into large paintings. Many companies will manipulate your images, and add special effects if you ask them to. Alternatively, you can fire up a graphics programme and have a go at editing your photographs yourself.

Interesting ornaments

You can use photos and graphics to create unique ornaments for your home. There are print companies out there that will print your designs out on wraps, which are similar to the type you see used to add advertising to cars and buses. Usually applying them is as simple as peeling off the backing paper and smoothing it onto the item you want to cover. Some may require you to warm the decal up, but normally all you need to do this is a hairdryer.

I hope you enjoyed this Collaborative Post. Having recently moved home I think it’s interesting to read about unique images on the floor and walls. I’ve been looking into options for Sylvia’s room and am excited to work on it in the coming months.


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