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Inject Some Novelty Into Your Lifestyle – Collaboration

Everybody loves a bit of novelty – from being a kid and chasing after toys and sweets right through to being an adult and trying new things. Novelty intrigues us because the pursuit of new information is at the very heart of being human. It is fun to find something new – especially when it is entertaining. 

Injecting a bit of novelty into your life is a good way to keep things interesting. You might consider buying something that speaks to a part of your personality, for example, private number plates, or you could try doing a new activity or learning a new skill. 

Here are a few more ideas to get you thinking!

Get Crafting

Creativity is a strong offshoot of novelty – we like making new things, even when they don’t have a particular purpose, for the joy of the process. Perhaps this is because novelty is also closely connected to learning. We are motivated to learn about new things by the entertainment of novelty and as a result, we aim to discover more novelties as we go through life. It’s no wonder bright kids are so enthusiastic about everything! 

Crafting is enjoyable because it’s a chance to make new things and play. The more novelty you can inject, the more fun it will be. So, if you are making soap, playing with scents and colours might be fun but using a novelty dinosaur mould could be even better. Why? Because it will make the soap into something more fun, of course! 

dinsosaur soap kids dinosaur activity idea

Follow Your Curiosity

Another sure-fire way to inject further novelty is to follow your curiosity. As we develop routines and get bogged down by responsibilities, it gets harder to find time to show curiosity. So, to counteract this problem, try setting out some time where you can pursue different interests and ideas. 

The weekend is the perfect time for this. Step out of your regular routine and enjoy a couple of days doing something totally different. Go and explore the countryside, join a group and make some new friends or take on a DIY project that you’ve been doing nothing about for a while. 

Don’t Fail, Learn

One of the reasons that people avoid doing new things is that they fear failure. Deciding against developing a skill because you aren’t good at it or avoiding making new friends because you worry it won’t work out is a common condition. As we get settled into routines, we also settle into a comfort zone and making a step outside can be tough. 

But let’s reframe the issue. Sure, trying something new does come with some risks and it might not work out exactly as you want it to. But this also means that you have learned something. When you take every failure as an opportunity to learn, it suddenly doesn’t feel so monumental. 

Pursuing novelty is all about chasing new ideas and experiences. Step out of your comfort zone and see what might be there. You never know what could be a few short steps away. Enjoy it!