Indoor or Outdoor Plants: How to Know Where to Place Your Plants?

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Indoor plants differ from outdoor ones, based on their climate tolerance. Wherein, these plants are exposed to a controlled temperature space for their easier acclimatization. On the other hand, it becomes taxing for the outdoor growers to adjust to the environment as per their comfort. Although initially most plants were kept in the wilderness due to their low tolerance towards cold temperatures, the concept of indoor planting came to being.

Additionally, there are some indoor plants with long life spans, and the propensity to survive in containers. These plants are easier to maintain and can be seamlessly placed anywhere.


Indoor Versus Outdoor Plants: What Do They Offer?

Indoor plants are the new-aged choice for people because they are quite low-maintenance and need not require constant caring. That’s because a few species may not demand too much lighting and can be kept in the home’s shaded area as well. These plants from The Indoor Plant Co are also an elegant addition to your home décor. They brighten up the indoor spaces and the homemaker’s mood. For an indoor garden, dwarf tomato and pepper cultivars, as well as a variety of herbs, are ideal. Bonsai can change the face of your house and offer a wave of beauty, calmness, and fresh air to your sweet home.

Outdoor plants are known to soak a great amount of sunlight for their unhindered growth. On top of that, these plants will not come up with space limitations and can be easily set up outside. Some of these outdoor implants impart effective health benefits for instance Marigold has antiseptic and bacterial properties. Thus these flowers can be used for healing injury-inflicted wounds. Yet the biggest pro will be your greater exposure to Vitamin D while you indulge in outdoor gardening. Here are a few spots where you can add greenery to your urban home with the lovely houseplants and maintain style.

Spots to Place Your Indoor Plants


The long and structured leaves of this plant will look great in a room with a high ceiling. You can place this plant in a decorative mud or metal pot with a few pebbles to give your living area a unique look. You can maintain this plant with moderate-to-bright light and low-to- average watering.

Golden Pothos

This climber can be subtly placed on a high shelf and allow it to cascade organically for aesthetic purposes. Its free-falling nature, combined with its demand for limited space, gives the room a delicate appearance.

Spider Plant

This plant is fragile, short, and wrapped, therefore it can be accommodated in a medium- sized pot. It looks best in a living room because of its hunched appearance.

Dwarf Banana

You can keep this plant near a full-length window due to its sunlight needs, and its broad leaves that will make your space look bigger. You can fertilize it frequently, and keep the soil uniformly moist for its sustainability.

Peace Lily

Place this exquisite bloom on a stylish console, for enhancing the look of your living room and purifying the air. This stunning indoor plant thrives in low-light and evenly moist soil.

Embrace the ‘Go Green’ strategy today by adding a few indoor plants to your home space to dwell in purification and good health.

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