My Life With Adrenal Insufficiency

I’m Blogging Blind and about to get in the Boxing Ring


I’m Blogging Blind and about to get in the Boxing Ring

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As you may or not be aware, I started a Linky called PositivelyPosted 10 weeks ago. A Linky is a blog post which other bloggers are able to link up their blog post to and the purpose is to create a community to support one another as bloggers.

I knew when I started the linky it would not be easy, bloggers say it’s really hard work, not only linking and promoting the linky but also the time taken to comment on other posts. I’ve enjoyed the ten weeks of Positively Posted, however my health has become significantly worse in the past two months and i’ve decided it is too much to have my own “weekly linky” every week. I need to wait until my health is stable as I cant be sure what hours or moments I’ll be online.

If I was well I’d have a schedule and set time aside each day but at the moment, I cant do that. I’m blogging blind. I really am.

I may be sick all morning and then feel good for two hours after lunch, then feel sick again and better at night for an hour. I’m currently using the “good hours” I get to write my blog posts do the work I need to do and to meet my brand collaboration/commitments.

As a blogger your expected to be online an awful lot of the time and I do have my phone next to me all the time. I check it as often as I’m able but at the minute I’ve seriously cut down on social media. It’s reflected in my Klout score which dropped down by two points after a week with lots of resting.

The reality is I expect my Klout to drop even further and I’ll then drop down the parent blogger board but it’s okay- because I’m a Parent before a Blogger and I need to rest enough to be a Good Mother when my child is home after school each day. I’ll do my best and keep working and growing. I’ll just do it when ever I feel able.

Obviously this also affects my ability to link up to other bloggers every week too! you see I have a list of bloggers I love to link to each week, however if i’m sick when I usually link up to a blog, I can’t link! I have to miss it! I’m inconsistent when linking as I cannot set aside a time each day to do it, I can only do it when I feel well enough and I don’t know when that will be.

I’ve worked out that I can manage to link up to 3 linkys consistently each week. Evrything else is hit and miss. I love #AnythingGoes by Random Musings, #BrilliantBlogPosts by HonestMum and #CandidCuddles by the CuddleFairy. There are a lot of other great one’s which i will also link to when I can, but I cannot commit every week.

Before starting my weekly linky, I had planned and have been planning a Joint monthly linky with another blogger. This will hopefully be announced very soon. It is a niche linky with a specific topic and will be do-able for me as it’s not every week. I will manage a monthly linky much better! Details will be out soon!

The good news is, I am seeing my Endocrinologist next Thursday after months of waiting and I hope to be trying out a new medication dosing schedule which may or may not improve my symptoms.

I really do want to get well and I’m a fighter! I’ll keep fighting on and writing about my heath as well as blogging about the things we do. It’s fun. It keeps me sane! I’ve had the opportunity to go to blogon and blogfest… tickets became available but I simply was not well enough and cannot commit. I am however going to attempt to visit the Ballet next week! I’ve got a review to write! So exciting.

In November I’m also going to go to the MumpreneurUK Conference. I can’t miss it. After all I’m a finalist in the voice category.

We’ve been invited to 4 events in the past week, collaboration/work opportunities. I’ve had to turn them all down due to my health, but… it shows me just what I could be doing once I am more stable with my Adrenal Health.

Next year will be the year for me to get well. I can’t possibly be stuck in bed for three years can I? I sure hope not.

Anyway….. for now I will be blogging blind, meaning I’ll blog when I can and take on the jobs which I know I can do! I’ll start my joint monthly linky soon and put on my medical boxing gloves ready to get in the ring at the NHS hospital I’m attending next week!

I’m putting up a fight and I’m not going to get walked over as i have in the past two years! I’m going armed with a plan. I hope they will listen to me and things will start to change. Fingers crossed! At least I have my own GP in my corner!

Angela x


  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell, can’t be easy juggling everything and an illness. Keeping up with everything is so difficult. My klout score dropped two points this week too – but really in the grand scheme of things – it’s not important, compared to family and all the other things that must come first 🙂

    1. Exactly! I tried to maintain my score…I don’t need to improve it and good scores help but like you say…. we have priorities and in the grand scheme of things family is number one and always will be!

  2. You know what, blogging doesn’t matter. Scheduling doesn’t matter. Klout scores and Parenting charts don’t matter. What matters is your health, first and foremost, so make sure you are okay and don’t worry about your blog. Stats will rise again once you’re better x

    1. Your absolutely right. 🙂 I’ll keep at it the best I can as i’m sharing my journey to health and doing this to try and get well..(ie raise funds for treatment) but so long as i pace and do only what i can manage, i’ll be okay! Angela x

  3. keep fighting! i have comitted to blogging once a week- its enough with myu health plus taking care of kids, plus it takes me a week to gather thoughts, edit & review. I hope the slower pace will benefit you healthwise

    1. Thanks Karen. Thats a good goal. I can handle the writing it’s the social media and advertising/promoting which goes along with it and the linking up etc which is hard to keep up with But its okay… if I keep producing good content people will come!

  4. Sorry to hear #positivelyposted is no more, but you have to do what’s right for you. Thanks for mentioning #AnythingGoes, I’m so happy you enjoy it and want it be one of your weekly ones, I love having you there each week 🙂

    1. Thanks Debbie. I feel guilty but the good news is the regulars who did link up happen to be some of my good blogging friends and i’ll still be able to visit the blogs for now! Angela x

  5. So sorry to hear your health has not been good. I think as bloggers we put a lot of pressure on ourselves with page views and rankings etc. It’s difficult when you see it everywhere on social media. As you say though, your family and health needs to come first. Really hope your appointment goes well and the new medication helps. x

    1. Thanks. This is my life for now and I’m just trying to cope and manage…health does come first…I now need to sit down and write up my notes to take with me to the appointment! Fingers crossed! Angela x

  6. I don’t know how you do it Ang! I think cutting back on social media is a good idea. When your health is better your klout & rankings will fly up again. Try not to think about it although I know that’s much easier said than done. Thanks so much for including my linky! I love having you take part! x

    1. Oh thanks Emma. i have to admit. I was ill when I started blogging, I guess as my meds are change my symptoms change and i go through phases of two little or two much meds. I hope the doctors can get it right eventually and i can feel much better permanently. Angela x

  7. So sorry to read your unwell. Take as much time as you need and look after yourself. You blog will still be hear along with all our followers to welcome you back.

    1. Yes, my health has to take priority. Although part of the reason i blog is to get well…by raising awareness to enable me to get better treatment. It is a merry go round lol!

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