Ignore your health and it will go away


I thought this was a brilliant quote. If we don’t exercise we will not keep fit. If we don’t brush our teeth they will go rotten and eventually fall out. If we don’t take care of our bodies or watch what we put into them, for example, unhealthy food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc we will pay the consequences.

The best way to lose our health is to simply ignore the body and the good things it needs.

Being someone who once had good health and now it is not as great I appreciate more what I once had. Although sometimes we may do our very best to keep our bodies healthy, illness does strike even in the most unlikely of people and children.

I think the quote above is great food for thought. It does not matter how unwell you are there is always something you can do to benefit your body such as eating healthy or finding new ways to relax and rest. I think taking time out to think about this is important and something everyone should or can consider.

Angela x


  1. Popping over from #candidcuddles =) Great reminder. Each year I start to focus on my health; it needs to be a daily, year round thing… Come share your crafts, DIY’s, recipes & up-cycles at #2usestuesday (Mon PM to Fri PM) & your pinnable images at #Pinbellish (Fri AM to Tues AM) over at Sarah Celebrates if you don’t already!

  2. This is so true! My husband is a dentist and yells at me all the time about flossing. I just want to close my eyes and hope nothing will happen to my teeth! Of course when something bad does happen- I’ll kick myself.

    1. Your most welcome Becky. You may have noticed i’ve gone back to my original way of quote posts! I think this is better and so far it’s working.

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