Ignore your family health and it will go away

I thought this was a brilliant family health quote. If we don’t exercise we will not keep fit. If we don’t brush our teeth they will go rotten and eventually fall out. If we don’t take care of our bodies or watch what we put into them, for example, unhealthy food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs etc we will pay the consequences.

family health

family health is not to be ignored!

The best way to lose our health is to simply ignore the body and the good things it needs.

I am not going to ignore my health. I will do all I can to be healthy, to be a fit and healthy mum but the saying is true and if people do nothing, they will suffer and so it’s real food for thought when considering looking after and taking care of your health.

Well I certainly think so anyway. What do you do to look after your health? Do you brush your teeth every day? I try to but I am not perfect and some people are some people are not. It is a tough thing and important to get into routines on a regular basis. That is for sure.

Family health is very important.

Angela x

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