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I Have A Dream and It Involves Food

When I first began blogging I had no clue how everything worked. I simply wrote an entry and posted. I look back at those days with fondness when I didn’t have to stress about social media, pr emails, collaborations and earning a living.

The blog has evolved and as I’ve grown and learnt so much, ( I still have so much more to learn by the way) but I have begun to find my voice and discover more about the direction I want to go in the future

Last week before attending BritMums I was contemplating where to next for the blog. I’ve been on a roller coaster ride. All I can say is blogging is a massive endeavour, takes work commitment and effort and I was questioning my next move.

I have had a lot to think about and it has felt rather overwhelming. There is one thing I want to do in the future and I’ve finally figured it out. It’s been a long time coming and I really do feel my life experiences have gently guided me to this stage.


So here it is… this is my dream! A dream which has been in process for some years.

I want to share fun ideas in the kitchen with kids.

Now what do I mean by that? Well I have always loved food. I still do, however, my relationship with food has recently changed since having bariatric surgery.

I guess my passion for cooking/creating food ideas (which I never realised I had) began as a child. My mum taught me and my sister to cook as kids. In fact when my sister Deborah was five and I was four we decided to bake a cake for my mum. It was her birthday. We put cocoa, sugar and margarine in a plastic bowl, placed it on the ring and melted it. The cooker was a mess, my mum went nuts and we were sent to bed.

I loved cooking at school as a Junior and once I moved to New Zealand I took Home Economics and learnt to cooks foods from around the world. Nasi Goreng, Greek desserts made form Filo pastry and I even entered and won a national competition creating a chicken recipe for Tegal, a New Zealand Chicken brand.

As an late teen, I became a cooking class volunteer. I taught special needs adults basic cooking skills. Whilst married to a Tongan I learnt how to made Tongan dishes and worked in a restaurant as I studied at University.

As an early years teacher in a prviate school we gave the children food each day. Some children brought packed lunches and I saw fabulous lunch ideas I’d never seen before. I learnt about snack foods for infants and toddlers and was sent on a nutrition course to learn about feeding children aged 0-5.

Ironically when I moved to the UK a social worker who didn’t know anything about me claimed I could not meet my child’s nutritional needs and told the courts (amongst other lies) that I only fed my child cheese. So very untrue. Sylvia and I have always baked and cooked together and created fun and interesting recipes.

And then I became unwell. For a few years I lost myself. I began writing about life and started a blog. We have dabbled in food and created a food fun food recipes but I’ve not been well enough to really get into that. All I can do when I’m sick and exhausted is write and go online. Physical tasks can wear me out quickly.

So I decided to create a book. A Cook with Kids book. I blogged about life over many months whilst I had images designed for my book. The Cook with kids book I planned to write. But when the images arrived I could not write the book.

I wanted to create recipes. I wanted to create fun lunch box ideas, creative food tips but my health has stopped me. I placed the images to the side and tucked my dream away for another day or year.

So what has changed?

Well, I attended BritMums and decided I am going to live my dream. I’m going to start creating fun food ideas for kids. I really do want to. I talked to friends, to John to my Sister and discussed whether I should end this blog and start afresh a new blog with a new domain which signaled fun food.

After much consideration, I realized I don’t need to. Instead, I can cut down my posts on the dogs and Sylvia’s style to once a month. I can continue writing about family fun and my health story each week and try to create a fantastic fun food idea once a week.

Can I manage one food post a week? I don’t know but I’m going to try. Today I set up a new category which I called “Fantastic Food”. I found all my food posts and placed them into the category. We have a fair few and now my aim is to build on that one recipe/idea at a time.

I don’t need a new name. I still do spend a lot of days in bed and I hope eventually one day it will be less and less and the blog name will represent where I have come from and what I have overcome. So my blog is keeping it’s name. The main focus will be family fun, fun with kids and kitchen fun. I’ll still share my health journey, style posts and updates on Yoda and Casper but not as often as I have.

I know what I want to become and it’s not a recipe/fancy food person. It’s fun food. I love cartoons and illustrations and I’d love to create themed meals, lunches, cute food for children and adults. I have a plan and I hope I can start that with the full support of my readers.

It’s a dream and yes it has a lot to do with food but I’m going to do this. Create fabulous ideas which I’m hoping people will love once a week and maybe in future when my health improves I can do more.

I am excited. I’m going to go for it. I know I can do this. I have lots of fantastic Illustrations and I am looking forward to using them on the blog and in future in my Cook with Kids Book.


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