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Would you believe me if I told you I had not bought a single pair of shoes (or any footwear) for over 2 years! In fact the last pair of shoes I purchased were my Wedding Shoes back in early 2013. I could say that I’ve simply been unwell and not had a chance to get out but the reason is much more deeper than that!

During my earlier marriage around 2006/2007, after having a baby and experiencing domestic violence and emotional abuse my self-confidence fell to an all-time low and one of the things I’ve struggled to do is spend money on myself! It is true. It’s still something that is very difficult for me to do.

After moving to the UK, it took me 6 years to buy a chest of drawers for the home. For five years we used cardboard boxes. After marrying my hubby and building my self-worth back, we went out and furnished the the whole room. I finally had beautiful new drawers, plenty of them!

Every year since 2010 I’ve been given gifts at Christmas and on special occasions and I put them in a box and stored them away. I could not bring myself to use them. This year I’ve slowly started using the items I should have used because I really started to value myself much more.

When it comes to clothes, (since my daughter was born) I’ve worn second-hand items that have been passed onto me. I did not want to buy clothes when I was so overweight and in the back of mind I’ve said, “I’ll buy nice clothes when I’ve lost weight”. I’ll get nice shoes when I am well again, “I’ll treat myself in the future”.

Part of it was to save money and be frugal but the harsh reality is I’ve have some kind of mental block or wall stopping me from being kind to myself and loving myself and for a reason I don’t understand I didn’t feel I deserved it!

Since I married John, he has helped me to bash down the wall one brick at a time, first with the drawers, then with gifts like new felt tip pens and new Pyjama’s.

Now I am ready to take a leap of faith and tackle the shoe department.

I love my old shoes but they are starting to get well worn out ad they are all old! (Except this one pair that I only wear fro very special occasions and keep wrapped up in my bottom drawer).

See I’m doing it again! However over the next few months, I plan to get myself a new shoe wardrobe.

New shoes for church, shoes for hospital appointments, shoes for going out. Sandals for summer, boots for winter, high heels for weddings and nice shoes for conferences and blogging events!

I plan to get new shoes and wear them! I’m going to smash down the wall with a wrecking ball, and at the same time get myself some clothes as well.

I can’t go out and spend spend spend. I’m saving for private medical care etc but I do plan to get the basic necessities and work with brands to try new clothes and new shoes in return for honest reviews and blog posts.

I was really excited last week as I was contacted by Shoe Zone about reviewing an item from their website.

They are a UK Shoe store that sell shoes at affordable prices. They have a great range of shoes for men, women and children.

At the moment ShoeZone are selling some fabulous sandals, summer footwear and festival boots. I was asked to choose a pair of sandals or boots to review.

I chose some GLADIATOR SANDALS! Do you want to know why? Because these are the sandals I used to wear to school in New Zealand when I was my most confident! These new sandals will represent the new me!

The new more confident Angela! Not the Angela with little self-worth but Angela the Gladiator!

The Gladiator Blogger who writes The Inspiration Edit and is fighting not just for better physical health but for better self-esteem!

I love my Gladiator Sandals. I am planning to wear them to London this week! I’ll be wearing them to a “blogging job/event in London” which I can’t discuss until September (sorry about that!- confidentiality agreements and all) and I’ll also wear them to Buckingham Palace and why not!

The shoes fit me perfectly. They are gorgeous and stunning and feel great on my feet. I really love them.