HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Box Bundle

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As a child I always dreamed of being able to take photos and print them on the go and this week that dream was completed with the HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Box Bundle. Have you heard of the Sprocket? If not be prepared to get excited because this is the must have product for Christmas 2018. I kid you not, I absolutely love my HP Sprocket bundle and am really excited to share it with you.

The Limited Edition HP Sprocket Gift Box comes with a white and gold HP Sprocket Smartphone printer, a wallet case, photo album and voucher for a free Sprocket skin.

The Sprocket is the same size as an average smart phone which can slip into your handbag or travel luggage with ease leaving plenty of space for everything else you might need. The Sprocket can be charged in a same manner as a Smart phone and comes with a charging wire and lithium battery.

What I love about this Limited Edition Gift box is the fact you get a gorgeous high quality wallet case to safely store your HP sprocket. The Sprocket case is lovely to the touch and looks really stylish.

So what do I love about the Sprocket Limited Edition Bundle?

Honestly, I love the idea of having a portable printer which can fit into my pocket or handbag. I love that I can print directly from my camera roll or Instagram Feed and this can open up opportunities to take a photo of a place I visit and then take a photo of the print in the same location. That is something I think could be really effective on my Instagram feed.

I love that the Sprocket can print card sized sticky photos in seconds which can be stuck on your fridge, or your teenagers school locker. The Sprocket is versatile and whilst I do love it as a mum I can see it being a big hit for teens and young adults who often are out and about doing exciting things.

I do like the limited edition wallet case and the white and gold photo album. I think it is super cute. The designs and doodles make it fun and there are plenty of sleeves to store the best prints of the day.

The bundle comes with a free Voucher to purcahse your own Sprocket Skin. This is an added bonus to the pack which I will certainly be ordering. I like that the pack comes with printable paper so you can get printing almost straight away. You will need to top up with print paper once the initial sheets are used up, which is a cost to be considered when purchasing the HP Sprocket but this is something anyone would have to do when purchasing a product which prints photos.

I do think this is an awesome printing gadget to have. It is the perfect way to capture and print special moments, parties, birthdays, maybe the upcoming Christmas party. The Sprocket is also something I could see myself using for Scrapbooking and journaling which is something I love to do. I have been keeping a journal for over 20 years and the photo prints are the perfect size for adding personality and style to my journal in an instant.

Are you as excited about this bundle as I am?

You can purchase the Sprocket from various retailers for around £119.99

Angela x



  1. I would love to give this a try. I take so many photos but they never make it to print. The HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Box Bundle. is a great gift idea.

  2. The idea of a printer on the go is exciting. Since the HP Sprocket Limited Edition Gift Box Bundle offers portability which allows you to take photos and print them on the go then this is a super exciting gift for adults and kids alike.

  3. I love that this HP Sprocket comes with the little gold carrying pouch! It’s so fun to be able to take pics with your phone and print them anywhere!

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