How Water Quality Can Affect Health: Choosing What’s Great for Your Kids

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There are several ways in which the overall water quality can affect your well-being and health. Water generally is what some might call the most essential substance and even our bodies are 70% water. Staying hydrated is one of the most common pieces of advice you hear and get from doctors. With all these considered, the impact water has on the well-being of the younger generation, particularly our children, is a topic often discussed.

Unfortunately, the general pollution of our planet is reducing the quality of this liquid. In which ways are the children exposed to the bad effects, and how drastic are those effects are some of the concerning issues? Furthermore, what can we do to make a change? Let’s check it out in the text below. 

It reduces energy levels 

With children, one of the most important things is having the energy to run around and stay hydrated. Water that essentially has pollutants in it can drastically affect their overall mood and energy levels. It can also affect their diet and appetite, which is not uncommon in children.

However, if the youngster appears to be losing interest in eating even its favorite meals, double-check what it drinks and consumes.

Now, another thing to consider and have in mind is also the different chemicals within the water, especially tap water in industrial zones as often big companies are releasing their waste in the local river, which is the water supply for the town.

Of course, the water goes through rigorous cleaning processes, however, a number of small contaminants can find their way into your morning glass of fresh water.

What to do and how to react 

When it comes to water for your kids, it is important to know the different types and what steps you can take to make sure your little ones are not exposed to hazardous particles and halocarbons.

Generally, bottled water has a reputation for being clean and always fresh, however, take into account the plastic as it is known to release small, yet harmless chemicals when it is exposed to the sun for an extended period.

Another option, when you are at home, is to install a water filter for lead removal in your kitchen and therefore make sure your tap water is safe for consumption and your kids can enjoy it without any consequences.

Lead has been known as one of the most common poisoners in widespread use and disturbingly, it has a wide range of appliances. It can also find its way into the water supply.

You can hire lead removal New York professionals to test your water and ensure it is safe for consumption. In case it is not, they can also provide you with solutions to remove the lead from your water supply.

To make sure your family is safe and sound, and your children do not have to worry when at home, installing these filters drastically reduces the chance of any danger or pollutants finding their way into your body. 

Think of the environment 

It’s worth noting how much time your children spend in school, especially throughout the school year.

This, however, makes it more difficult to keep track of their activities and nutrition, and school water has been the subject of multiple public outcries in recent years, with claims that it contains lead, dioxin, benzene, and other particles and toxins.

Bottled water, as stated before, is a great alternative, nevertheless, plastic is not only dangerous but also leaves an enormous environmental footprint behind, and the impact it has on our planet is devastating, as plastic takes several hundred years to dissolve completely.

Therefore, an alternative solution is having stainless steel cups for the little ones, to take with them. They’ll have fresh water wherever they go and are not in danger of any chemicals. 

 It impacts their growth 

One strategy to solve the problem is to raise knowledge about water quality.

You may make a difference and possibly start reform by actively engaging in the spread of knowledge and information, so the town council takes extreme measures to improve the quality of the water. With children, the major concern is their growth and mental development.

There have been numerous studies showing and supporting the negative impact low-quality water can have on their well-being.

It is not just reduced energy levels, their bodies are taking a hit. Therefore, the damage it can do to the liver, the kidneys, and other vital organs is one of the strongest reasons to take initiative. 

Small actions can influence people’s minds; tougher rules on trash disposal, filtration, and the use of less toxic and dangerous chemicals in water treatment, as well as a general concern for future generations’ well-being, can make all the difference in the world.

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