How to Work and Travel at the Same Time

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How To Work And Travel At The Same Time

Travel. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? However, the stark reality is that traveling around the world can often cost more dollars than is first anticipated. There is accommodation to consider, as well as traveling from point A to point B.

Obviously, that is even before bills, food, souvenirs and other tourist experiences are brought into the equation. So, how to solve a problem like cashflow, while still ticking off those bucket list items?

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Simply by working and traveling at the same time. Below are three suggestions for making the most of the TEFL teacher skill set.

Teaching might traditionally have been built around a dated coursebook and a tired old curriculum, but now

it is easy to include aspects as diverse as sustainability, body awareness, inclusivity, or even hygiene. So read on to find out some simple techniques for how to work and travel at the same time!

Teaching Online

With the internet now as ubiquitous as traffic lights or smartwatches, it seems prudent to take advantage of this golden opportunity to work remotely.

In fact, what better way to spend a day than by giving a couple of online classes in the morning, a spot of sightseeing in the afternoon, before coming home and doing some more work in the evening?

Nowadays, there are a plethora of benefits to remote teaching, including but not limited to being able to work in one’s own space, thus avoiding that dreaded commute in the mornings.

Furthermore, this not only adds up to a time saving, but also a financial one as well. Therefore, those extra cents could go towards funding that long-desired excursion or day trip over the weekend.

On top of that, not having to worry about cleaning up after a bunch of messy kids is absolutely another plus to the world of online teaching.

Being a TEFL instructor to the young may be considered one of the messier professions going, so avoiding that by virtue of keeping the classroom in the cloud is only a good thing.

Finally, a huge boon is not having to worry about policing a school’s mask policy, having to deal with kids or parents who refuse to toe the line on that controversial topic.

In fact, just getting away from having to raise one’s voice above a roomful of rambunctious teenagers is worth the opportunity to at least give teaching TEFL online a go!

Becoming a Tour Guide

Now, the online realm does present specific challenges, such as an unreliable internet connection, the power dying at just the wrong moment, or missing out on the prized human interaction that so many of us crave.

To resolve this particular issue, consider becoming a tour guide at a world famous landmark or monument. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

For starters, the chance to travel and explore the renowned site is built into the day job, and there are always likely to be throngs of tourists with exactly the same idea in mind, who are usually willing to pay through the nose for the inside track on the location in mind.

Additionally, there is the perfect opportunity to refine and hone a well-rehearsed spiel, getting better and better at it each day, so that before long, the patter will be down to fine art.

Last but by no means least, many participants in these tours are actually TEFL students who may just be interested in investigating the possibility of a few private lessons on the side in the future or those wanting to pass TEFL Courses 1 and beyond.

Cruise Ship Staff

For those of a specifically nautical tilt, working on board a cruise liner has a range of potential upsides. Initially, the intense work periods could put some off, but for others they might be exactly the spark they are looking for to get some ready cash quick.

Not to mention, the speed at which the vessel travels, dropping anchor at a new port almost every day, should enable the savvy traveler to clock up a range of new sights and sounds in no time at all.

For those with a TEFL background, there might be the chance to pick up a little extra cash on the side too, either through teaching some passengers on the boat itself, or even by contemplating a touch of personal tour guiding, away from the beaten path.

In any case, life on the open seas can be the passport to working and traveling at the same time for the budding TEFL maestro who is prepared to think outside the box.

What Next?

Simply put, the world is the wannabe TEFL superstar’s oyster, with an array of dream jobs just waiting to be applied for. So, no time to waste – get out there and make those TEFL dreams a reality today, with an open mind and a ready-to-go-attitude, see what life can bring you!

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