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How to teach your kids to play golf – Collaborative post

For many people golfing seems like a sport for older people. But if you’re a keen golfer yourself, you already know that’s not the case. You can meet players of all ages on a course, even young kids. In reality, it can be a great way for your whole family to spend more time together and be active at the same time. Yet getting your kids to take an interest in your favourite sport is not as easy as it sounds, so you should find the right way to do it.

Make it fun

Every parent knows that the attention span of children, especially the younger ones, isn’t too long. And keeping them interested in one thing for a longer period of time is nearly impossible. That’s why you can’t expect your kid to obediently follow you throughout the whole course and listen closely to all your instructions. Even if you manage to achieve this, you’ll make this whole experience boring and unpleasant for them. If you want to enjoy a friendly competition with an experienced player, choose an adult to play with. But when you want to play with your child, you cannot take such a game too seriously. Only by making it fun, you’ll be able to keep it interesting.

Keep things simple

Golfing seems really easy to people who don’t play themselves. In reality, there are many rules and techniques involved that you need to master before you reach a satisfying level of skills. But you cannot expect a child to pick up on all the nuances straight away. It’s a difficult task for every new player, so take your time when introducing new elements. And if you notice any mistakes, don’t get annoyed. Simply show your child the correct way of doing things, and it’ll become easier with time. Remember that encouraging kids is the best way to build up their confidence, and this, in turn, will let them develop new skills.

Find the best time to practise

One thing is sure, golfing with children will not be that peaceful and quiet experience you’re used to. Especially before they take an interest in golf, and get used to the etiquette expected on a course. At times they’ll get grumpy. And loud. You don’t need an added stress of hearing complaints from the other golfers about slowing down their game. To avoid such situations, try scheduling your visits for hours during which the course isn’t too crowded. You can call your local golf course and ask for the best time to come with a junior player.

Choose the right equipment

Just because you already have all the necessary equipment, like comfortable clothes and the best golf club grips for you, it doesn’t mean they will be suitable for your child as well. Quite the opposite. It won’t be the right size, and it’ll be simply to heavy for a child to pick up. Even if you shorten some of your clubs, their balance will be off. In short, badly chosen equipment can lead to developing bad habits that will affect the game negatively in the future. That’s why it’s best to invest some money in the right clubs that will be suitable for juniors players. Most of the best-known companies offer solutions created specifically for kids, so you won’t have any trouble finding them.

You cannot force anyone to like something or to find it interesting. So you can’t expect your child to enjoy playing golf just because you do. Of course, it’ll be amazing to have a common interest, but everyone has to make their own choices. Don’t just focus on golf, encourage your kids to explore different options and sports as well. 

This is a collaborative post.