How to Spice up Halloween 2022

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Everyone loves Halloween, or at least, everyone has the chance to love Halloween depending on how much they wish to get involved with the celebrations. Throwing a party, going trick or treating, and having fun with our children is always worth the effort no matter what, and so perhaps you feel inspired and willing to do exactly that this year.

But maybe you wish for a change this year. That’s fine, as Halloween has developed in many countries around the world it’s started to become more than just a frightfest, but also a general celebration where people get together, families meet, and delightful food is shared.

So, what if you wish to flip the script and spice up Halloween 2022 in the best possible way? In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that and more, and why focusing on something new and novel can inject new life into the affair to begin with. So stay with us, and let’s explore what Halloween could be together:

Go for a Non-horror Theme

Halloween is intrinsically tied to things that go bump in the night, but it doesn’t have to be. For many people, it’s just a fun time of year with certain customs we enjoy. So, it might be worthwhile to focus on a new approach. For instance, focusing on Halloween costumes that allow you to celebrate the figures you’re presenting, or dress up and cosplay as your favorite movie, TV or video game characters, well all of that can be tremendously fun without having to add the spooky element to it.

A non-horror theme can help you diversify the kind of party you throw or the gathering you curate, and we’re certain it will add a nice sense of unique charm to the occasion. For instance, why not decorate your house with an under the sea theme instead of cobwebs and spiders throughout? It might allow you to have a great deal of fun.

Enjoy a New, Different Kind of Feast

A different kind of evening meal and set of party food may add something nice to the event that you can remember. For instance, it might be that so far you pick up party foods that can be frozen and cooked pretty quickly. There’s nothing wrong with this at all.

However, if you want to switch things up a little, perhaps we can go for something denser or offer a different flavor profile. For instance, offering a pulled pork spread cooked in the slow cooker could be a nice way to serve as many sandwiches as people wish to eat.

Or, maybe you’ve been trying new cuisine in the kitchen and wish to make a larger curry with a range of dips and side dishes. Something that the entire family can enjoy is almost always going to be worth it; especially as you use love as the main ingredient.

Try a Movie Marathon

Try a movie marathon with one of the top 100 halloween movies for the family. You may do this over the course of the weekend, or perhaps you’ll watch several in a row if you don’t have children to worry about and can break out the wine with your friends to do so.

A movie marathon of a series, or if each person suggests their favorite comedy or Halloween movie, this can bring with it a barrel of laughs and encourages you to relax. A movie marathon is low-effort, comforting, and social in scope, and so if you just don’t really wish to plan much for this year, you’re sure to find the right outcome. 

On top of that, now that many movies are on streaming services or can be rented in HD at relatively low cost, you might not even have to overly prepare for this kind of event in advance.

Book a Getaway

Booking a getaway at Halloween might sound like an odd choice, but actually, you’d be surprised how well this can work.

As many people choose to use this time with their families, it’s not a day where heavy tourism or overbookings are really considered to be common. For this reason, you might be able to find a nice last minute deal in a local spa, or perhaps rent a cottage and go hiking for the weekend. 

Booking that kind of experience can certainly help you overcome the usual habit of staying in every Halloween. Perhaps this could become a worthwhile yearly event for your family and those you wish to spend time with.

With this advice, you’re sure to spice up Halloween 2022 in the best possible light.

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